A Hip Urban Tea Lounge – Tranquil Tea Lounge

This hidden gem, set in the urban downtown area of Fullerton, California,  is a modern alternative to traditional tea rooms.  They are serious about tea.  They celebrate tea and are meticulous in how they treat your tea leaves.  And they are NOT stuffy at all.

My best friend and I enjoyed lunch at Tranquil Tea Lounge (TTL) yesterday.  We love this place.  We get to relax to a lovely lunch with spectacularly prepared teas.  Whether iced or hot, each tea order is made to order and managed to perfection.

The iced ones are prepared at the bar. Leaves are measured from silver canisters that line a shelf like those at an old apothecary’s shop. The tea is then steeped, sweetened and shaken with ice, perfect.  The hot teas are steeped at your table and the server handles the timing and removing of the leaves for you.  Again, sheer perfection in tea service.

While TTL offers about 90 teas, I had the same one two times in a row…I am in love with the Ti Kuan Yin Monkey Picked Oolong which, according to legend, was once actually harvested by trained primates because they could climb to the top branches to pick the leaves where humans couldn’t go.  My friend, T., is more adventurous and tried the Gunpowder tea this time.  We both had hot tea this day.  A big decision as their iced tea is so delicious too.

TTL’s menu is priced for daily visits.  Their Tranquil Tea Trio, which includes a half sandwich, choice of soup or salad (always fresh and gorgeous) and your choice of their quality teas…all for $9   Can’t beat it.

We did opt to order their “Betty’s homemade scone” … (had to just because of the name, right?)  Since their varieties tended toward the sweet side, we chose one for dessert…a passion fruit / mango scone.  It was fresh, warm and delicious.  It was rather large, so we shared it.  The presentation of the food is “top chef” worthy.  Very appetizing.  And you are never rushed.

They also have a special events room which I was checking out for an upcoming date with a group of friends who want to go on a tea adventure with me.  Will be doing that within the next two months. Should be fun and interesting.  Next time I visit I plan to order their darling little handmade French macarons.  They are cute as a button and fresh and delicious.  Even if watching calories, these little bites make  sense… The Tranquil Tea Lounge site is www.tranquiltealounge.com

Simple wonderful tea service at Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton, Ca

Simple wonderful tea service at Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton, Ca




  1. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Nice pictures — they do a great job.

    • Yes and as always it was a pleasure having lunch with you!

  2. What a marvellous sounding place.

    • It is a marvelous find…the brother and sister who own and run this tea lounge really know their teas and understand how to make it accessible on a daily basis.

      • It’s so nice when you find somewhere like that, these people are the unsung heroes of the catering business! 🙂

  3. That looks like such a great place. I have never been to tea lounge – or to any sort of tea for that matter. I am such a newbie! All your posts are so informational and entertaining. Maybe we can go have tea sometime.

  4. Absolutely….it will be fun to go with a tea newbie! Just like getting exposed to fine wines – you won’t go back to dust in a bag after having fresh, quality, whole-leaf teas.