Tea in the Napa Valley….what a treat

We love the Napa Valley…Certainly for the wine, but just as important to us is the fabulous food.   The Inn we often stay at offers an afternoon tea which “hits” the spot.  While the actual hot tea isn’t whole leaf,  it is organic –  the iced tea is fresh and brisk.  The variety of finger sandwiches and petite sweets are beautiful and tasty, served buffet style.  This afternoon tea offering “comes with the room”… not bad, huh!    After tasting wine all day, relaxing in the cheery lobby seating area consuming tea and delicious savory and sweet morsels  is a nice way to detox while planning your night out at some of the best restaurants in the country..

Their tiny  Russian tea cookies and petite chocolate hazelnut biscotti are delightful…crunchy and nutty…I just love them.  Give me a nut and I’m a happy person.

Below are photos of tea time at The Vintage Inn, Yountville, Ca – in the heart of the Napa Valley.  www.vintageinn.com

Afternoon tea at The Vintage Inn...in their quaint and lovely lobby

Afternoon tea at The Vintage Inn…in their quaint and lovely lobby



  1. Lucky you. Everything looks wonderful almost to good to eat. The tarts are perfect. Maybe a trip to the Vintage Inn should be in my future. Enjoy

    • Yes I am a lucky girl…the lemon curd tarts were the best…well that and the Russian tea cookies and the Chocolate hazelnut biscotti… love those hazelnuts 🙂 Thanks

  2. So jealous. Hope you have a great time — everything looks delicious!

  3. Wish you were here to enjoy with us. Will think of you as I happily consume 🙂

  4. What a superb looking afternoon tea!

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  6. Everything looks amazing. Wish I was there….