Bouchon Bakery is Back – much to the joy of locals and tourists in the Napa Valley

A couple days ago, we watched as several people casually milled about a small, unobtrusive pale green building in Yountville – waiting patiently – there was a sense of anticipation as the doors opened to the much loved Bouchon Bakery, which had been closed for a few months, under remodel.

The bakery offers stunning baked products – breads, brioche, croissants, French macarons, chocolate brownie bouchons, sandwiches, and other delicious items to their bakery clients and to Bouchon Restaurant (right next door) and Ad Hoc….all Chef Thomas Keller restaurants… The bakery plans to expand their catering…and potentially offer catered afternoon teas …which no doubt would be exciting and beautifully put together…look forward to seeing that in future trips.

Known also for their cappuccinos and coffee drinks, this is a happening place every morning.  A great way to start one’s day.

Their French macarons are beautiful.  They  inspired me to include the French macaron cookie as one of  Tea With Betty sweet recipes.

Wish we had a bakery like this near where we live…it’s nice having one to visit though….

Bouchon Bakery, Yountville, California...known for French Macarons and Artisan Breads...a nice patio that our little Willie the wonder wiener dog in the background?  Why yes...ahhhh-miss that little boy immensely

Bouchon Bakery, Yountville, California…known for French Macarons and Artisan Breads…a nice patio too…is that our little Willie the wonder wiener dog in the background? Why yes…ahhhh-miss that little boy immensely

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  1. Do I spy a cinnamon roll? yum. Wish I was there basking in the sun with a cappuccino and a cinnamon roll. Do they ship?

    • Yes you do… and we had to taste test a pecan sticky bun…and a chocolate bouchon for my tea in the afternoon…all delicious as they looked. No wonder the talk of the town was “Bouchon Bakery is finally open.”

  2. The smell inside that place must be unbelievable! I would probably buy up half the shop.