Celebrating the Irish…

My mom claimed to be 1/4 Irish.  She celebrated that heritage each year on Saint Patrick’s Day by preparing a  traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner, including Irish soda bread.  My sister and niece have taken over the dinner duties. Rotating  between them.  I am in charge of the soda bread, which I think is actually best toasted in the morning and slathered in butter… Irish Kerrygold butter mmm.

The past two years,  my “baker” niece  added these delicious Bailey’s Irish Cream cupcakes. Mmm   The whole group loves this addition to the menu.
Irish breakfast tea with toasted Irish soda bread is wonderful on a cold morning.  Maybe it’s the bit o Irish in me that incited my love for tea and tea time.   Harney & Sons Irish Breakfast Tea is my go to tea this month. It is hearty and takes milk well.
A factoid for you…The Irish consume more tea per capita than any other nation. Historically, their quick breads and teas are renowned.
Here’s to Irish breakfast tea and a nice large loaf of soda bread.
Irish soda bread and Baily's Irish cupcakes by Sammycakes

Irish soda bread and Bailey’s Irish cupcakes by Sammycakes



  1. You have a super cute blog out here 🙂 When you have the time, do drop by my space. I just made some chickpea and cracker-based hors d’œuvres and would love to know what you think

    • Thanks for your comments, checked out your chickpea hors d’oeuvres, they look delicious.

  2. What a tasty treat. It’s delightful the next day, toasted and slathered with Kerrygold butter.

  3. glad you enjoyed it….

  4. We had the toasted Irish Soda Bread with the Kerrygold butter this morning.
    We like it even if it isn’t Saint Patrick Day. I would love to make Samantha’s Irish Cream Cupcakes. Does she recommend a certain receipe?

  5. Me too regarding liking Irish soda bread anytime. Will work on getting you Samantha’s Baily’s cupcake recipe. They are dense and delicious.