The Coolest Little Steeping Teapot

Here’s something that came out of the Napa Valley that has nothing to do with wine…our winemaker friends gifted me this lovely single-serve, one touch teapot.

I use it in the evening when I want just one cup of tea while winding down the for the night.  You can use whole leaf teas and steep, or toss a tea bag into the infuser to steep.  Once your tea is how you like it … with one touch, you release the tea into the pot, away from the leaves…ready to pour into your cup.  It’s darling and works wonderfully.  No mess, no drips…neat and clean.

Looks like a lot of thought went into the development of the little teapot.  It’s made of shock resistant glass, BPA-free plastic infuser and a stainless steel filter.  I like it.  It also earned “Best New Product 2011” at the World Tea Expo.    – I can see why.

The Teatime Trading Co. invented and sells this cool, individual sized vessel.  Check it out via their video at

Thank you R and L for surprising me with this, it was fun getting to use it with you too.

Coolest little steeping teapot...prepare individual cups with whole leaves

Coolest little steeping teapot…prepare individual cups with whole leaves



    • Yes. At first I thought the pot quite small;however it’s perfect for a nice 8 ounce cup

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  1. Oooh I need to get one of those:)

    • They are really cute and functional. Looks like its really easy to order on their site. Teatimetradingco

  2. Thank you Betty for your blog report – its Suzan Sculatti, the owner of TeaTimeTrading in St. Helena. A follower of yours just asked me if there were other sizes. Presently we have 2 styles, the spout , which you feature, and the brim. The brimmed pot holds about 100ml more than the spout, BUT we are introducing in June at the World Tea Expo, a larger spouted pot that will match in capacity the brim. Both can now hold 2 infusions without pouring, or a 16oz mug, if you choose. PLUS, we went green, literally…..a lovely chartreuse with white button will be introduced June 1 in Las Vegas.
    Again, thank you Betty for introducing our “One Touch Teapot” to your followers. Ordering can be done directly on our website,

  3. Thank you Suzan for your response…I love your one touch teapot but am excited to hear about your new products too. I know I’ll love the 16 ounce version too as I am kind of a tea “guzzler”… 🙂