Now This Is A Pretty Glass of Iced Tea…

My sister sent me this photo of the glass of iced tea she ordered when at The Ivy Restaurant in Los Angeles, Ca earlier this week.  What a pretty table.  What an attractive glass of iced tea.

Lovely glass of iced tea served at the famed L.A. restaurant...The Ivy

Lovely glass of iced tea served at the famed L.A. restaurant…The Ivy

The table settings at this famed restaurant are gorgeously floral. Everything looks so fresh.  Their “made to order” table top china is colorful and beautiful too. No wonder The Ivy remains such a popular lunch spot.  She didn’t see any celebs though.


  1. I haven’t been to the Ivy yet but I will need to check it out now that I am back in LA. They have a location out in Venice/Santa Monica area that looks awesome!

    • Yes, there are two locations. I haven’t been yet either, but hear nothing but good things about The Ivy. My niece and sister have committed to taking me there soon. Hope you get there soon.

  2. Just looking at that picture makes me thirsty.

    • Yes…on a sunny day, a clear, crisp glass of iced tea is probably the most refreshing drink of all