“Centerpiece – Tea”…WOW!

So, while my sister was at The Ivy having iced tea, we were celebrating a family birthday in Las Vegas.  And although “what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas,” I can’t resist showing you photos of this dramatic presentation of tea which RM Seafood (Rick Moonen of Top Chef Masters fine seafood restaurant) does for each table.  It is a bit of a mysterious theater which the server builds upon throughout your meal.  It is not something one orders…it is a dramatic flair they “do.” RM Seafood is in The Mandalay Bay Hotel.

I recorded a video of this, however I haven’t figured out how to download videos on my blog yet.  I am taking a class next week though, so maybe after that you’ll see some videos…because this was actually rather exciting.

As we are waiting for starters, the server placed this vessel as a centerpiece and with large tweezers drops in some lemongrass, edible marigold leaves, and lemon zest…then leaves…

After dinner, some of us order dessert, as well as, I order a cup of jasmine pearl green tea.  Their tea service is nice, a Forlife stump teapot, whole leaves already steeped and removed for me, so prepared tea is brought to the table…

The dessert I ordered was a gorgeous, monochromatic colored, fennel panna cotta with fennel iced cream and fennel pollen with crispy fennel slices.  Subtle, not over powering in fennel flavor at all…

Thinking the meal was done…the server comes back to the centerpiece and adds hot tea (white, black, and chamomile) to the vessel with lemongrass, marigold, and lemon zest…and LIQUID NITROGEN… the fragrance and cool smoke exuding from the vessel is just wonderful.

While we were watching the “theater” of the liquid nitrogen, we munched on petite minardes brought to the table to finish off the meal…a nice touch.  I guess we gobbled these pretty quickly as they were almost gone by the time I caught a photo of the little tray…

The food and service at RM Seafood was delicious and beautiful.  Loved their “open kitchen.”  Relaxing, great feeling, environment.  Glad we went and the tea presentation was an unexpected, special treat.

Rick Moonen's tea centerpiece...during the meal the server builds this floral vase into a surprise and spectacular demonstration of tea preparation...the tea was deliciously floral and perfectly brewed

Rick Moonen’s tea centerpiece…during the meal the server builds this floral vase into a surprise and spectacular demonstration of tea preparation…the tea was deliciously floral and perfectly brewed

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  1. Wow, that sounds amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing the video.

    • It was quite a fun surprise and the scented tea tasted delightful. Will be working on the video part soon. Thanks for your comment.

  2. What a fantastic experience for you! It all sounded so tasty and the perfect place for you to dine!

    • The food was awesome….so fresh and interesting. Rick Moonen deserved to be a Top Chef Master! 🙂

  3. Wow, looks like and fun, and wonderful food! Tea is very interesting.

  4. Yes….that’s what I just love about tea, it is so interesting. Tea goes with so many settings and can inspire such wonderful experiences. Thanks for your comment.