Tea Time in My Garden & The Perfect Spring Tea Sandwich

Spring has sprung and the birds are chirping wildly in our yard.  A myriad of plants are blooming like crazy down our backyard slope.  Calla lilies are delicate and popping up everywhere.  Clivia plants are flowering below our deck (they thrive there).  Most of these plants hold great sentimental meaning to me as they are transplants from my Mom’s yard.  She was quite the gardener.  We’ve nurtured them for over 20 years and they happily return each late winter and spring.  This year I’ll be digging some up for sharing with our daughter for her yard.  I wonder, does passing these plants on to the next generation give the plants “heirloom” status?  Or maybe just “sentimental” status.

It’s time for me to pull out the patio furniture cushions and set up the yard for relaxing outside.   Am ready for tea time under my Wisteria covered pergola near my climbing mini rose covered arbor…a most beautiful setting that mother nature set up for me…I had little to do with it.

Taking tea in this setting seems like a prudent thing to do this week…wouldn’t want to leave all this blooming beauty to just the birds.

One of my favorite vegetables is asparagus.  This time of year the spring asparagus is delicious…I steamed a plateful last weekend for dinner…

One of my favorite spring tea sandwiches is an asparagus with prosciutto open faced finger sandwich.   I put this together for my Italian themed teas… tasty, simple, fresh…and versatile…can be used as an appetizer as well as a tea sandwich. I recommend getting the highest quality prosciutto you can as you only need a few slices to prepare a dozen or more finger sandwiches. The recipe for this prosciutto and asparagus finger sandwich is below and is also in the book.

Clivias blooming ... transplanted from Betty's garden 15 years ago

Clivias blooming … transplanted from Betty’s garden 15 years ago


Wisteria in bloom...

Wisteria in bloom…

finger foods...including asparagus and prosciutto on whole wheat toast ...

finger foods…including asparagus and prosciutto on whole wheat toast …


Makes 12 finger sandwiches    PREP TIME: 20 minutes TOTAL TIME:   20 minutes

6 slices of a good quality prosciutto sliced paper thin. You should be able to see through the slice.

12 asparagus spears. Thin spears work best

3 tablespoons mayonnaise – Best Foods/Hellmann’s brand preferred

6 slices of whole grain wheat bread, toasted 

Wash, trim, and blanch the asparagus for approximately 2 minutes.

Place in an ice bath to chill down cooked asparagus.

Using a 3” square cutter, cut out the center of each toasted slice of the whole grain wheat bread.

Put a light spread of mayonnaise on the 3” square.

Using half a piece of prosciutto, lay it on the bread and press it onto the mayonnaise.

Cut this toasted 3” bread, which now has mayo and prosciutto on top, in half (to 1 ½” wide).

Each 3” square now makes two finger sandwiches.

Slice a cooked asparagus spear in half lengthwise.

Lay asparagus onto prosciutto and trim to fit bread.

Cover and keep refrigerated until just before serving.

I just love this time of year!  A cup of Ceylon or Oolong tea will go nicely with these finger sandwiches…sitting under the wisteria…


  1. Your wisteria is gorgeous, and I love climbing roses. I think handing on plants as heirlooms is a lovely idea. Tea and sandwiches in the garden sounds like a perfect afternoon to me.

    • The more I think about the “handing down of plants”, the more I like the idea and will do more of it. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your photos. I have Iris in my flower gardens from my grandmother, passed down to my father and then to me … they are my most treasured flower. Your asparagus tea sandwiches look lovely!

    • Yes there is something special about those plants we’ve been passing down…everytime they bloom I am amazed and in awe. A nice tradition I think. Try those finger sandwiches, you will love them as will your guests…and they are quick to prepare once you get the blanching of the asparagus timed right..you can actually blanch the asparagus ahead of time and chill it.

  3. Your garden looks beautiful…we had a dusting of snow, sleet and rain yesterday. I’m really looking forward to real spring weather. I can have one of your tea sandwiches and dream about lovely flowers and warm weather.

    • Thanks for your comment…yes, we are really lucky here in Southern California “most” of the time in regards to our weather. The birds and plants definitely think it is spring time here this week.

  4. Loved this posting of your backyard. It is a gorgeous yard. Wish I would have thought to move some of my plants from my yard recently, especially the clivia. I always enjoyed them beginning in March. And the asparagas sandwiches look lovely, as well as all your mom’s hand me down plants, the wysteria and the rose covered arbor.

    • Thanks T. – the good news for you is that I have lots of clivia plants…am happy to share with you.

  5. Your garden is amazing! So pretty. And the food looks really good as well! Nice blog!