Dim Sum Anyone?

Yesterday I met friends for lunch to continue the celebration of my best friend’s birthday.  I don’t remember what prompted us to do this; but, a few years ago we fell into the habit of celebrating each other’s birthdays with multiple get togethers…we jokingly say we “celebrate our birthday month…all month long.” We’re glad to be alive and grateful to feel good so, what the heck, we celebrate.

Our meeting spot was the Irvine Spectrum, a major entertainment destination for shopping, movies, and restaurants in South Orange County, Ca.  We had decided where to meet, but not on the restaurant …I was early and parked in the wrong lot … but it worked out fabulously for me because I came across a fairly new, gorgeous, large, dim sum restaurant called Capital Seafood.  I looked in the window and saw darling petite square white tea cups on the tables (covered with white table cloths), and then saw servers wheeling around dim sum carts.   I hurriedly called my friends and told them where I was parked and that I found our place for lunch.  They were game…we had a wonderful time.  Their oolong tea was delicious with the dim sum.  What a find, we’ll be back.

I love anything called a dumpling…so, several years ago, when I discovered that there were dim sum restaurants, I was thrilled.   Servers pushing carts filled with dozens of varieties of steamed, pan fried, and fried dumplings come by your table and you get to point and choose and nosh and gobble up the most tasty little bites of food.  We enjoyed delicate steamed shiu mai filled with minced pork,  shrimp har gow, BBQ pork buns (char siu bao), Shanghai dumplings and more.  The steamed dumplings are my favorites.  The sticky, chewy, texture of the almost translucent rice wrapper of a har gow makes you feel like you’re in China as you bite into one.  It’s an exciting, bustling environment.

We had no idea what each item cost and were pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the bill was when we got it.   We highly recommend Capital Seafood Restaurant.  And if you have little time, this is the place, they move fast.

Dim Sum cart at Capitol Seafood

Dim Sum cart at Capitol Seafood

Dim Sum means “touch the heart.”   One of my favorite tea experiences is a dim sum tea I prepared for ten friends a few years ago.  It’s a featured menu in my tea book, along with several recipes of dim sum.   I made everything from scratch for that afternoon tea.  It took me 16 hours.  My husband steamed the dumplings and served while I paired and poured three different teas to our group.  It was fun and thrilling.  But, gotta tell you, I found going to the this high quality dim sum restaurant as fun and more thrilling as I got to point and eat versus doing the work of preparing fillings and wrapping dozens of dumplings  :-).  I have a great deal of respect for the detail, skill and effort that goes into preparing dim sum.

I seem to have deleted my photos of the dim sum carts from Capitol Seafood...so here are a few crab rangoons that my buddy Hils and I made....I LOVE dim sum

I seem to have deleted most of my photos of the dim sum carts from Capitol Seafood…so here are a few crab rangoons that my buddy Hils and I made….I LOVE dim sum


Eat dim sum… drink tea …


  1. YUM! With great fondness, I recall the delightful “Dim-Sum Tea”; David was host/server/sous chef extrodinaire!! Don’t even get me started on how beautiful the presentation and fabulous the flavor!!!! It was a memory-making event…so pleased to be a part of “Tea with Betty” history!!!!

  2. Yes, that was one of the favorite days of my adult life. What a fabulous group…and starting with a little bubbly set a most relaxing stage if I recall correctly 🙂 So glad you were there.

  3. Yum I want to go…. The dumplings look beautiful.

  4. Yes…they were beautiful and there are many more to try…let’s get there soon.

  5. OK, I would have joined you if I knew you were going there.

    • Next time Rev…. it was a spontaneous choice that worked out well.

  6. Looks like a great place!

    • Yes it was delicious! and exciting…Samuel would love it I think

  7. I really want to go! Can you take me when I get back from my trip? Thanks for the photos-my mouth is watering.

    • Absolutely…we’ll have dim sum while you fill is in on Italy…it’s a date!

  8. I linked back! Woo Hoo!

    • Hurray, I am finally getting blog literate … maybe…well a little bit anyway.