Street and an American Idiot

Oh, and a great glass of tea!

My husband loves to go to plays.  We’ve had season tickets to one of the best regional playhouses in the country for years, La Jolla Playhouse.  Occasionally, we get up to L.A. for a play, usually at the Ahmanson Theater.  My favorite part of “play day” is that we always go to an interesting restaurant before or after.  Whether the performance is good or not “almost” doesn’t matter to me, as there is always a great food adventure attached.  As usual, I go for the food 🙂

We most often go to matinees…this way we have a wide window as to when to eat.  Again, for me, it comes down to the food.  Sometimes we get to eat before AND after the play (hurray.)

Sunday we saw Green Day’s American Idiot musical at the Ahmanson Theater.  Prior to the show, we ate…at Susan Feniger’s Street.  Very cool.  Very interesting and delicious food and ambiance.  I believe the first cooking show I got hooked on was The Two Hot Tamales.  My sister and I diligently watched them .  We loved Mary Sue Miliken and Susan Feniger.  They taught us well and were entertaining in a natural, authentic way.  We have always had a warm spot in our hearts for their shows and foods.  When they appeared on Top Chef Masters, we rooted for them.  We chose Susan Feniger’s newest restaurant, Street, for Sunday Brunch.

Susan walked in.  She was just like on her shows – warm, authentic, and quite interested in her guests, helping each choose their food items.  Of course, my husband talked to her (he is quite social) and made her laugh.  He got this photo.

Street is all about global, small plate, street foods.  The tea menu reflected the global nature of teas.  For me, this was the perfect tea menu.  It reflects great thought and covers the pure teas you’d want, along with interesting, contemporary preparations.  The presentation was spot on…whole leaves, steeping in a vessel…urban, quality.

Susan Feniger saying good-bye to my husband...she was gracious and kind

Susan Feniger saying good-bye to my husband…she was gracious and kind

The Tea Menu (I cut off the part that had rooibus and a few others, oops):

Tea service…of course I ordered an oolong as it goes so well with all foods…

Street Restaurant ... tea list, their tea service, decor is "street" cool.

Street Restaurant … tea list, their tea service, decor is “street” cool.

IMG_1234 IMG_1242

I want to go back for lunch or dinner when the full “small plate” menu is available.  We loved our food.  The service enhanced the whole experience. We ordered a couple small plate items they are known for which did not disappoint.  The fritters were just AWESOME…doughy and chewy…the applesauce made them “pop.”   Wish I had some of that apple sauce right now!

These went great with the oolong tea, I “had” to try them.

The ambience looked just like an urban street. Quite relaxing.  The restaurant had a nice “hum” to it.

We’ll be back…there is more tea to pair with a variety of menu items still for us to taste.

Drink tea!


  1. You and D are an absolute inspiration ~ fine arts, fine food, fine tea! Can I come next time????

    • Absolutely!!! Would love it.

  2. I was at Street for a Seder this month. I loved it! I will need to go back and try their tea menu:)

    • Yes, I think it will take multiple visits to Street to try all the things I want to on their menu. It’s a good thing. Thanks for your comment!

    • Yes…I had a difficult time deciding so went with my standby…I need to venture out a bit and try the Hong Kong style preparation next time.

  3. I want to go there…….

    • You will enjoy it… open Friday’s for lunch… Sat, Sun for brunch, every night for dinner…

  4. Linda,
    Just wanted to say how wonderful your blog looks–interesting posts and wonderful pictures. I’ve got to remember to check in when I’m not hungry, though!

    • Thanks Cindy…that is high praise from you (an expert copyeditor) …
      also, so you don’t have to remember to check in…if you want, click the “follow” button and any new post will come directly to your email, saving you from going to the site…I post approx. twice per week. Please forgive me any errors 🙂

  5. No errors!
    I’ll follow. Let me know when you might be ready for me to post something about it and the cookbook on my FB page. Thanks!

    • Will do, probably after next week. Thank you!