A Traditional English Afternoon Tea With My Daughter

I received an invitation to afternoon tea which I couldn’t resist….from my daughter –  to go to the beautiful and historic  Mission Inn, Riverside, Ca… this time to celebrate Mother’s Day.  There is not another thing in this world I’d rather do…we got to relax, talk, and experience their tea service.

Teatime …

The three tier tray presentation was beautiful…this service was quite nice.  We got to sit back, uninterrupted in our discussions as the finger sandwiches, scones and sweets came all at once.  (Although I usually prefer the scones to come out warm, fresh out of the oven, these were fresh and delicious with a nice crust and tender dough inside.)

Our favorites are the finger sandwiches and each of these was tasty, distinctive and fresh.  Both of us determined we would have preferred double the savory bites, cutting the sweets in half….but the boys waiting at home got a special sweet treat each in a little “to go” box.

The tea they served was whole leaf, in a bag – Sir Aubreys.  Each had a nice flavor. The ginger peach black tea was our favorite.

Thank you A. for a fabulous afternoon…you couldn’t have chosen a better gift for me, primarily because I got to share it with you!!!

IMG_1463 IMG_1462

Tea Time at the Mission Inn, Riverside, California...petite finger sandwiches and beautiful sweets

Tea Time at the Mission Inn, Riverside, California…petite finger sandwiches and beautiful sweets


  1. What a delight! The asparagus sandwiches look fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

    • They were delicious….in Tea With Betty, there is an asparagus finger sandwich with prosciutto …it’s even better when you combine the two. Thanks for your comment. Oh and the prosciutto sandwich goes really well with a glass of Wicker Cabernet too! I’ve tried it 🙂

  2. Such a fun and relaxing afternoon! It was lovely!

    • Yes it was!! Will have to make it a new tradition.

  3. What a wonderful treat, for both of you. I would like to take my mum there, it looks fabulous!

  4. The sweet treat that came home was very good, however your lemon curd is much better. Thanks for the treat. No wonder you two didn’t eat much for dinner.

    • Thank you! My lemon curd and lemon cream are aimed towards the “tart” side…real lemony as I know you prefer it that way.

  5. Mothers, daughters and tea. Is anything more divinely inspired? Lovely tradition to pass on to the boys too. Given they can sit still. Happy mommies day.

    • You’re so right…and we are planning on taking the boys to tea soon…the Mission Inn has a Prince and Princess tea menu which we think will be fun near the holidays. In many parts of the world, men enjoy tea and tea time as much or more than women. It’s a good thing 🙂