June 10 Is National Iced Tea Day – What???

I don’t know why there would be a special day for iced tea; however, in the U.S., we tend to celebrate some random things.  This week, my good buddy, H., sent me  information about the U.S.’s bizarre and obscure holidays.  She had read my recent posts about iced tea and thought I timed them to coincide with our national celebration of iced tea.  “Nope…”  I knew nothing about this frivolous designation.

But since I am now enlightened about our national holiday, thought I’d share the info with you.  Here’s what the write up says about the U.S.’ National Iced Tea Day

When : Always June 10th

With the official start of summer just a few days away, the timing is perfect for National Iced Tea Day.

Chances are, it is already hot in your area. Today may serve as a good reminder to make and enjoy your first (of many) Iced Tea drink of the season. Have it plain, add a little lemon, or sweeten it with sugar. Iced Tea is certainly a favorite summer cooler of millions of Americans. And best of all, tea is good for your health!

It takes no imagination to decide how to enjoy this great day: Grab an Iced Tea and head out to the hammock strung under a shady tree.

The Origin of Iced Tea:   In 1904, English tea plantation owner Richard Blechynden set up a booth to sell hot tea at the St. Louis World Fair. It was a sizzler of a day, and fair visitors didn’t want anything hot. Rather, they needed something to quench their thirst… something cold. He dumped some of his hot tea into ice and served it cold. It was an immediate hit. This was the first known use of iced tea.

What the heck. life’s short… so here’s to celebrating the small things, even a lovely glass of iced tea….and fyi, iced tea was certainly consumed in the U.S. prior to 1904 (although this story is interesting and true)… Folks in the U.S. south are known to have consumed sweet tea scores of years prior to the turn of the 20th century.

When reading through the list of bizarre and obscure holidays, iced tea day actually seems relevant compared to a few others…but then again, each of us values different things. A few of the other national obscure holidays include:
National Waffle Iron Day and National Log Cabin Day…hmmmmm…I do like National  Hug Day though.  It’s on June 29.  Give those who need it a hug that day.  Also, National Chocolate Eclair Day (June 22) …now that IS something to celebrate for sure.
Marketing gimmick or not, it’s fun to celebrate the small stuff.
Enjoy a cool, tall, fragrant glass of iced tea this week!
Large jugs of iced organic Ceylon Tea from Kenilworth estate

Large jugs of iced organic Ceylon Tea from Kenilworth estate with simple syrup and food grade paper straws…ice is in the ice bucket to be added to each glass so as not to “over” dilute the tea…


  1. As soon as our weather warms up I’m going to try it, but at the moment it’s just too chilly to contemplate! I like the hug day and eclair day, I’ll be sure to celebrate both of those in style! Thanks for the information, Linda.

    • Chocolate eclair day is my favorite…I love eclairs…will be making a batch for sure. Sorry I keep writing about iced tea when it is so chilly where you live…I am moving off that subject now…going onto some interesting fragrant hot teas I just received. You must shiver a bit each time I mention serving “tea gone cold” 🙂 Thanks for your comments!

      • Not at all, I love reading about the heat when I’m shivering! I just imagine how it would feel to be downing an iced tea in your part of the world, and I feel transported, it’s great. I’ve never made my own eclairs, will you be posting a recipe? They’re something I love too, so I would really like to try making them. I look forward to your fragrant hot teas.

  2. Sounds like a great idea to me!

    • Yes, doesn’t it though. I might make up a batch of chocolate eclairs next week in honor of our obscure U.S. holiday 🙂 Would it go with a good cab? I know which tea to pair with the eclair.

  3. Love it! And I hope I’m around when you make those eclairs! Hmmm…. would you use your pate cheux puff recipe for those?

    • Yes. That’s the exact recipe for eclairs. Pâté choux. Piped elongated

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