How Does My Garden Grow? This Morning’s Harvest…

A few weeks ago we planted several heirloom tomato plants.  They are progressing well despite a dreary, drizzly, overcast summer here on the So Cal Coast.  The “June Gloom” as it is called on the Southern California coast, has spilled into July.  My tomatoes need some sun!!!  I keep pruning off foliage that is not contributing to the growth of the fruit.  Even with little sun, great progress is being made.

My sister recently contributed to our small garden with a new variety of blueberries and raspberries developed by Monrovia Nursery.  It has been a treat to walk out in the morning and grab a handful of berries to top my yogurt or oats with.

Also, our Black Mission Fig tree is finally being left alone enough by the little critters waiting for ripe fruit on the slope behind our house so that we were able to pick a few gorgeous figs for ourselves.  Having been born and raised in the big city (Los Angeles), growing fruits and vegetables is still a treat and a bit experimental for me.  I love it though.  I really can’t say enough about how fulfilling it is to grow something, anything almost…in your own space.  You don’t need much space either to contribute to your own food source…even growing just an herb or two is great therapy for your soul 🙂

Here is the morning’s harvest…

Heirloom progress and my sweet Italian basil

Heirloom tomatoes…in progress and my sweet Italian basil

IMG_2156 IMG_2160

Blueberries...ready to pick a handful every morning to go with my breakfast...

Blueberries…ready to pick a handful every morning to go with my breakfast…


Morning mission figs, white peaches and's not so difficult to grow your own fruit and veggies...this coming from a city girl :-)

Morning harvest…black mission figs, white peaches and blueberries…it’s not so difficult to grow your own fruit and veggies…this coming from a city girl 🙂


Normally I cook a couple egg whites to have with my morning black tea with milk…but today I had blueberries and peach slices in Greek yogurt  with an oolong tea.  A nice, refreshing deviation from my standard.

Those figs will be nice with a little prosciutto and goat cheese as an afternoon snack with my tea.


  1. Wow, Linda, your morning harvest is really impressive! Those fruits are quite expensive to buy in the UK, it would be amazing to grow them. When you say you have egg whites, what happens to the yolks?

    • That is such a good question about the yolks…often I reserve them to use in another dish, in particular, when I make lemon curd; however, many times I am afraid to say that I discard them. I used to purchase a container of “just egg whites,” however, they don’t taste the same and are actually a bit more expensive than using the whole eggs. I do enjoy the whole eggs once a week, but keep my cholesterol numbers down by going to just egg whites 3 or 4 days a week. Sorry for the long answer…I love the protein of an egg white…simple and clean…

      • How interesting, I’ve never heard of anyone doing that with eggs before. You never know quite what you can believe of course, but I saw a documentary a while ago debunking what they called the ‘cholesterol myth’. I wish I could remember the details now, but the presenter of the thing ate something like 40 eggs in two weeks, to see if her cholesterol went up, and it was virtually the same at the start and finish of the experiment (she was heartily sick of eggs, though). Mind you, that was just her and it could be different if you already have a tendency to high cholesterol. That’s no help at all really, it just triggered my memory of that programme. I’m still curious about your egg whites. You break open the egg and keep the yoke separate and then what exactly do you do with the whites?

        • I might be fooling myself to think that not eating the yolks of my eggs each day saves on my health in some way; however, it almost doesn’t matter to me anymore as I now just love the taste and texture of an egg white omelette versus a whole egg one. (as long as it is cooked correctly). I will take photos and post them for you this week of how I do it. It’s simple and probably a little ridiculous. This great American choreographer, Twyla Tharp, does the same everyday (I read it in her book – Twyla Tharp – The Creative Habit, Learn It and Use It for Life. For some reason, I find this small “egg white making ritual” comforting in starting my day out right…that and a cup of nicely steeped whole leaf black tea with a little milk. Lorna, your comments are inspiring! Watch for the photos. One day soon I’ll quit being lazy and organize myself enough to set up for posting videos.

          • Twyla Tharp is a great name! I think that if you enjoy your egg whites then that’s the most important thing. I’m very curious to see the photos, I’ve never heard of an omelette made that way.

          • O.K. Lorna – check out my post for today to see my boring but ritualistically favorite breakfast 🙂

          • I did and there was nothing boring about it! 🙂

  2. Wow! Great photos! 😉

    • Thank you! Wonders what one can do with an iPhone4s.