Tea Latte Press…at It’s A Grind

My sister’s favorite to go coffee & tea shop is It’s A Grind.  I love it too for their tea latte press…it’s the best “to go” cup of hot tea I have found anywhere.  They ask what type of tea you prefer, I chose a black breakfast tea.  Then they ask if you’d like anything in your tea, I chose a small amount of whole milk.  They add that right then…put in the tea and hot water…top with this “press” lid and tell you to wait a couple minutes…then press and drink.  Interactive and awesome result 🙂

I have had this tea at both the Carlsbad, Ca. and Mission Viejo, Ca. It’s A Grind shops…both offer well-prepared tea.  Unfortunately their website is down but you can find them on facebook etc. for locations.  They have many locations and are now owned by an Australian parent company.  While my sister is a coffee drinker, the little pastry, a cinnamon twist, we shared went well with both our coffee and tea latte.

Enjoy and drink tea!

IMG_0989 IMG_0992

Tea press latte from It's A Grind coffee / tea shops...an excellent cup of tea

Tea press latte from It’s A Grind coffee / tea shops…an excellent cup of tea


    • Yes, I think so too…hope others start using this lid too. Thanks for your comment!

  1. I’ve never seen something like this before, how interesting! The sort of tea you usually get at takeway places is not up to much in general, but this sounds well above average. I’ll be looking out for it on this side of the foam!

    • Hope it comes to you soon, it is definitely a cut above your regular “take away” tea….

  2. So darn cute!

    • and good…and not far from you too 🙂

  3. Great coffee too and the staff is always so pleasant morning, noon and night.