It’s Tea Time At The Lavender Lounge Tea Company

In the sleepy Southern California beach community of San Clemente atop the 31 Flavors Ice Cream shop sits a cozy, inviting and contemporary urban tea lounge where a diverse group of locals and tourists stream in and out to satisfy their tea needs.  The Lavender Lounge tea shop delivers on the tea.  They are known for blending signature beach blends; serving hot, iced and textured teas…either grab your tea on the go or relax in their casual, easy atmosphere.

The other day, I met a friend for a Saturday morning chat at the lounge.  Their hours of operation state that they open at 10 “ish”…. so about 5 minutes after 10, the gate across the stairway opened and several of us happily walked up the stairs to order our tea.  We opted for morning breakfast teas, served hot…I had a malty, flavorful and perfectly steeped Assam with a little milk (of course :-))

I really like the new labels on their tea canisters…they offer dozens of teas, which can be overwhelming to grasp in some shops, but were easy to differentiate between black, green, beach blends, rooibus, and herbals which were color schemed per the photos.  What a delightful way to start the weekend.

The lounge is known for offering their textured teas… choose a tea blend, served iced. Many go with a fruity beach blendz – add a scoop or two of your favorite flavor of “choobies”… a sweet gelatin, petitely cubed so they go through the large straws used for drinking this deliciously sweet cold drink.

The tea barista really knew her stuff and steeped a perfect cup of tea…I appreciate that you can choose a traditional style tea service, including buttery, crunchy and mouthwatering raspberry shortbread cookies, or choose from contemporary flavored textured iced teas.




  1. Oh, So that’s where you were last week. It’s a little ironic, you stare out this post “In the sleepy Southern California beach community” and you’re posting at 4AM. Not sleepy enough I guess. xoxo

    • ha ha…I would have been sleeping at 4 a.m. except for a little dachshund who decided he wanted to be up at 2 a.m. and would not go back to sleep … the dachshund rules the house.

  2. What a splendid looking place! I could get lost in all those teas….and it’s great idea to match the labels to the colour of tea inside. It’s a joy when you get a barista who knows their stuff, too, I can imagine having a great visit to the Lavender Lounge!

    • Yes, there are so many choices, almost too many at first…and it is so nice to find someone who knows how to make a good cup of tea.