It’s A Great Time To Be A Foodie…

And a tea lover too… Between the fabulous restaurants, more and more incredible chefs, focus on quality ingredients of which we can know their origin, and accessibility to exciting niche products through the internet (including whole leaf, single estate teas)…it is a fun time to be “into” food and beverage.  The quality available is awesome.  Another great thing that has been emerging around us are local chefs offering “the cooking class.”  Classes range from professional culinary to cooking enthusiast level.  These, along with food focused t.v. shows, are exposing us everyday cooks to exciting new techniques and ingredients.

This week, we got invited to the opening party for a contemporary, small class, culinary school in Anaheim, California.  The owner is one of our favorite pastry chefs, Chef Katie Averill. A few years ago we used to indulge in her delectable desserts every Friday night at our favorite haunt… She was co-owner of this fine French bistro near us.  Through the magic of internet, my husband has kept in touch with Katie…she just opened Eat Street Culinary.  I am truly looking forward to taking classes from her, particularly her chocolate class.  I need help in handling chocolate (which is a bit ironic in that I sold chocolate for a living for over 20 years 🙂 ).

Here are a few photos from the opening reception:

Eat Street Culinary - cute give-a-ways at the opening...looked like sandwiches (inside were t-shirts)

Eat Street Culinary – cute give-a-ways at the opening…looked like sandwiches (inside were t-shirts)


Ready to cook... row of Kitchenaide Mixers

Ready to cook… row of Kitchenaide Mixers


Six outstanding work stations with Wolf ranges

Six outstanding work stations with Wolf ranges


photophotoHousemade smores

Mmmmmm  Smore

Mmmmmm Smore


It was interesting seeing what small bites the Eat Street crew served at their opening…there were scrumptious looking small burgers (sliders), fresh looking shrimp lettuce cups, chicken skewers drenched in a creamy coconut dipping sauce…nice wines and waters…a great start for what we wish to be a truly successful business.   Check out their class calendar on the Eat Street Culinary website.  Maybe we will see you in class.


  1. I wana go!

    • All right…let’s book it, seriously!

  2. I would like to go the Thursday Farmer’s Market shopping and cookng class.

    • It’s a date

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  3. Thank you so much you are awesome! Chef Katie Averill

    • Thanks for including us. Am so looking forward to your classes…