Taking Afternoon Tea With My Daughter…At SimpliciTea

When my daughter called to invite me to tea at a new tea house in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca., I was thrilled.  One of my favorite things in life is to take tea with her…just the two of us.  We only had to re-schedule our date once and made it there last week.  SimpliciTea is the name of this contemporary tea house.  They know their tea and had a steady stream of clients filtering in who got their tea to go.  Several others came in alone and relaxed into their lunch with their freshly steeped iced tea – that was nice to see, it is a comfortable place to go with others or alone.  It was certainly an iced tea day as it was 100 degrees outside…

The decor is clean, sleek, comfortable and inspiring.  Their mission is to take your stress away and provide a haven for their guests…(their street address is on Haven Avenue 🙂  I love their teapots, bodum double walled cups and their service.

They state on their website:

“We are a contemporary tea lounge in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Our mission is to introduce and educate people about the beautiful world of tea, as well as provide a space where people can leave reality, forget their problems and simply breathe for a little while. We aim to provide the best quality products, service and environment for each and every guest who walks through our front door.”

They achieved all that for us.

Love the tea service...double walled Bodum cups and Hue tea pots

Love the tea service…double walled Bodum cups and Hue tea pots


We ordered panini type sandwiches for lunch – which were abundant with flavor and quality ingredients.  Our tea (we both opted for Jasmine Pearl) was steeped to perfection…and re-infused for our seconds.  We relaxed, felt de-stressed and ended up trying out their scones too…which were warm and flaky and truly generous in size, albeit a bit sweet for me.  But I am a bit boring in that I prefer a scone without too much sugar or white chocolate chips (as the scone of the day had).  They served them with creme fraiche and choice of jam… we love cream fraiche with our scones.

Their prices are quite reasonable.  Similar to Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton, Ca…this is a spot you can go to several times a week and have excellent tea along with food to your liking…meal or snack…

We’ll be back.


  1. So glad you liked it. My afternoon tea with friends at SimpliciTea was delightful as well! Food was great and service was too. Perfect for ladies who lunch!

    • It reminded me a bit of our other favorite spot in Fullerton. SimpliciTea was a good find. Even on a hot hot day.

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