And The Seasons Go Round And Round…

As fall rolled in last week, we pulled in our last large heirloom tomato and had one final caprese salad using our dwindling basil, along with the highly touted, creamy and supple, Di Stefano Burrata –  (acclaimed baker and co-owner of Pizzeria and Osteria Mozza, Nancy Silverton’s favorite).  These incredibly fresh and flavorful ingredients, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a teensy bit of Maldon sea salt flakes made us wish we had a few more of those tomatoes. Bye bye summer veggies.

So now we move on to fall fruits and vegetables.  We have a tiny orchard consisting of seven fruit trees that actually bare fruit (and three that just refuse to cooperate but look pretty.)

The last of the heirloom tomatoes with gorgeous bur rata from Di Stefano

The last of the heirloom tomatoes with gorgeous bur rata from Di Stefano

Our one Fuji Apple tree has been a delight and delivers the most crisp, refreshing, firm fruit.  Each year the harvest gets better and better.  Here is the first crop of 2012.

Our first pick of the season from our one Fuji apple tree...deliciously crisp, firm and refreshing

Our first pick of the season from our one Fuji apple tree…deliciously crisp, firm and refreshing

Our Laurel Bay Leaf Tree happily grows in a large pot in our patio, we inherited it from my mother, Betty.  We pruned one wild growing branch the other day and ended up with a bunch of leaves that I hated the thought of throwing out, therefore,  I tried drying them using tips I pulled off the internet.  They made nice gifts for our friends.

Laurel Bay Leaves...drying...ready to give to friends

Laurel Bay Leaves…drying…ready to give to friends

All this change of season stuff got me motivated to decorate the house a bit for fall (which is my favorite season of the year.)  I’ve never needed to purchase much in the decoration department as my mother had that area covered.  She actually had a spare bedroom in her home which we called the “Christmas room.” It was chocked full of decoration paraphernalia.  Not just Christmas items either…name a holiday or season and she had it covered.  After she died, her things were divided between four households.  Ten years later, my sister and I are still using wrapping paper we got from her.  That woman loved celebrating the holidays with foods and decorations.

Well, once I had the decorations up, I got even more inspired and decided to bake pumpkin bread for hostess gifts for friends we were seeing that night.  I was short on pumpkin and stewing over what to do – trying to avoid having to go to the store when my husband suggested substituting shredded apple to make up the difference. (We had a lot of apples.) It worked, albeit, I think they needed a bit more  “punch” in flavor … next time, if subbing apple for half the pumpkin,  I will add a bit more cinnamon and nutmeg.  The texture was quite nice.  They looked enticing wrapped in clear gift bags.

Fall decorations...inherited from mom (Betty)  I still think of her whenever I get the box down to put these up

Fall decorations…inherited from mom (Betty) I still think of her whenever I get the box down to put these up

IMG_3588 IMG_3589 IMG_3592

Fall brings a whole slew of veggies, fruits, and meats I love to cook with and consume.  Of course, here in Southern California, the

Mini pumpkin bread loaves...with a bit of apple

Mini pumpkin bread loaves…with a bit of apple

IMG_3534introduction of fall brought 100+ degree heat too…I’ll be happy when the weather cooperates with my desire to bake and braise foods.  It is a bit hot for the oven to be on here right now.  But it’s never too hot for a great cup of tea, which I enjoyed while doing all the above work 🙂   My order of Organic Assam, Rani Estate grown from Mighty Leaf  Teas got delivered just in time for me to keep my favorite tea flowing while all this changing of seasons was going on.

Drink tea!


  1. How interesting, I would never have thought of collecting decorations for different seasons. The only ones I have are for Christmas, which is very boring of me. Your pumpkin loaves look wonderful, I could just sample one with a nice cup of that Assam tea. Strange to think that fall brings you those sorts of temperatures, we’re lucky if we’re in the 50s here at the moment.

    • Yes we usually get one real hot week of temps in October. Then it starts cooling down. The pumpkin loaves a truly a family favorite. I will post the recipe this week. About decorating – my mom was a kick. She decorated for St. Patrick’s day, Valentine’s day, Cinco de mayo and more. Simple stuff, not fancy. I think it’s because she grew up with so little. Hope your writing is going well!

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  2. Decorations are beautiful and nostalgic. I want an apple tree. They are so cute and tasty too.

    • Yes, there are many memories bound up in those old decorations…and lots of baking of pumpkin breads. It’s nice to remember.