How To Peel A Hard-Boiled Egg + Progress On My 12 Week Challenge

One week down, 11 to go on my 12 week challenge to get my blood sugar under control.  It was a good week.  My goal is to feel good, be healthy, and lose a few pounds while still eating incredibly good and interesting foods. There are a few foods that save me from overeating.  The egg is one of them.  I just love eggs.  It might just be my favorite, single, satisfying ingredient.  Five days a week, egg whites, scrambled or as an omelet, are my “go to” breakfast.  Egg salad is a favorite filling of mine for a tea time finger food, and, if for some strange reason, I’ve missed a dinner time meal, scrambled eggs are a fulfilling meal for me.  The use of eggs fits well into a balanced diet.

Eggs are good for you.  According to various studies, eggs help your eyes due to their cartenoid content (lutein), they also can lower the incidence of cataracts, breast cancer,  and stroke.  They contain lots of protein, naturally occurring Vitamin D, nine essential Amino Acids, mostly “good fat”, and promote hair and nail health due to their high sulphur content.  Wow, after reading this, I might eat more eggs.

Peeling hard-boiled eggs sometimes drives me crazy.  I am not the most patient person in the world, so, when I am doing a big batch for some event, and can’t  whip through peeling due to tearing the whites, it frustrates me.  I have read many tips on how to peel hard-boiled eggs, of which I have tried several.  Most show good promise, then fail to fulfill on that promise.  In clearing out old food magazines, I came across this tip in the March 2008 Bon Appetit Magazine.   I’ve tried it twice and it really worked well.

How to peel a hard boiled egg

How to peel a hard boiled egg

“After draining hard-boiled eggs, return them to the saucepan, put the lid on, and shake the pan to crack the shells gently.  Dunk the eggs in ice water for two minutes so they shrink away from the shell.  Then peel away.”

It doesn’t take much to make me happy…learning how to make peeling one of my favorite foods more easily did just that for me this week, made me smile.  Oh, and I lost one pound this week.  It’s a slooow process but it’s progress.  Got my portions under better control this week and still had awesome foods.

Stayed within my “balanced diet boundaries” and still had creative, tasty foods.  For me,  choosing whole, seasonally fresh foods and not eating too much of the more caloric items usually works.  Depriving myself completely doesn’t work.

I can actually feel a difference in my energy level this week.  Plan to add one more exercise routine going forward.  Will keep you posted.  Am off to make a cup of organic jasmine tea to go with my egg salad, with veggies  for lunch.

See you next week.


  1. Thanks for the egg-peeling tip! Cannot wait to give it a try! So proud of your progress…keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for your positive comments…also, I have tried several tips on egg peeling and this one worked the best… Happy birthday tomorrow!!!!!!!

    • Thank you…let me know if the tip works for you, I was quite pleased! Also, I do appreciate the encouragement.

  2. Can’t wait to try your tip on egg peeling. I made egg salad this week also. I cracked it on the end with the air pocket after putting it in cold water and it worked, Will try your idea the next time. It definitely drives you nuts when the peel keeps clinging to the egg. You destroy the egg trying to get the peel off. Good luck on your challenge. Will see you this Friday.

    • Glad to hear your way worked as it sounds a bit similar. Thanks for your encouragement, am looking forward to Friday also and meeting Ina 🙂

  3. Like you, I’ve tried several ways of peeling eggs, but none of them have worked every time. I’ll have to give your way a try, thank you for the tip! I’ve never heard of squash blossoms before but they sound very interesting. Don’t lose heart with slow progress, I believe it’s much better to lose weight slowly the way you’re doing than in great leaps, because this way you’re more likely to keep it off in the long run. I agree with you that deprivation isn’t the answer, but controlling portion sizes and making good choices is far more workable. The great thing is that once you retrain yourself to go for different things, you start to crave those things, and stuff you used to want all the time loses its appeal. And thank goodness that tea is so good for you, where would we be without it?

    • Yes, thank goodness for tea. I would be lost without it. There are so many blends to try if I am craving a certain food…also,appreciate your support. This is the kind of encouragement that I need. FYI Squash blossoms are the flowers that grow on the end of each zucchini squash. They are delicate and often stuffed with a creamy ricotta cheese filling, dredged in a batter and deep fried (Italian in origin)…delicate and one is a treat.

  4. Thanks for the tip on peeling eggs and info on why they are good for you. I’ll enjoy eggs more often. Ever tried Grey Poupon in your egg salad?
    The way you are eating reminds me of ‘eating like a French woman’; enjoy anything you want in small quantities. It’s a good life style. Congrats on the pound , the last few are the hardest but don’t give up, You are looking great!

    • Thanks Diane!!! Wow, all this support is exactly what I need to motivate me. I have tried a Dijon mustard in egg salad, it is a bit softer flavor than yellow mustard….not quite as tart. I like your comparison to ‘eating like a French woman,’ never thought of it that way. Am striving to keep as fit as you 🙂

  5. Congrats on your successful week and thanks for the egg peeling tip.

    Hey, it’s your birthday soon, right?

    Have a happy one and see you when we return from Mexico with some tea for you, of course.

    . Love, Linda

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    • Tea from Mexico – I look forward to seeing what you found. Hope your trip was successful and fun. and yes…it’s almost birthday time…

  6. I love the French woman comparison! And I have yet to try your egg peeling tip, but I will, with great thanks I am sure! The last time I peeled eggs it was horrible… you may remember because you were with me. What a mess!
    I appreciate the benefits of eggs you provided too. I think I’ll make sure I eat more of them myself. 🙂

    • Thanks Hils. It was peeling eggs with you last that motivated me to research this a bit. Also, I too am pleased with all the benefits eggs provide (since I love them so much.)

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