Foodie Films…For Your Favorite Foodies + Progress On My 12 Week Challenge

Recently, I was reading a book where the author expounded on a favorite food film that changed his life…coincidentally, I picked up another another book where the author described her inspiration for food as being awakened by the same movie…the film: Babette’s Feast (1987 set in 1900 Denmark).  I am still salivating after watching this film.  A must for food lovers.  I actually watched it online via a You Tube site.  Check it out.

Babette's Feast... One of the greatest on screen dinners of all time

Babette’s Feast…
One of the greatest on screen dinners of all time

It got me thinking about other foodie movies that I just love….

Consider this film list for those who have a passion for food.

The Big Night is my all time favorite food movie….I own few DVDs.  This is one of them.  My friend J. at Panini Girl has made the featured pasta dish in this film.  It was just savory goodness. Check out her blog for some of the best Italian recipes, photos and food items.

No Reservations is more like a sit com…but some great food scenes and fun to watch

One of my favorite food scenes is Meryl Streep making croissants for Steve Martin in the comedy, It’s Complicated…would love to have a shop such as hers in beautiful Santa Barbara.

There are certainly many more great films about food, as well as, films with memorable food scenes to enjoy; such as, the first Godfather film.  Years ago, my mom and I decided at the last minute to go see this film. I remember the only seats open were in the front row. We took them, and having been rendered ravenous from watching the characters consume giant plates of pasta, after the show, we searched for an open Italian restaurant. We finally found a small, local Italian Ristorante that was just closing and pleaded for a bowl of pasta…they accommodated us nicely.  It is a fond memory, particularly considering we rarely went out to eat and almost never

Great Foodie Films

Great Foodie Films

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Enjoying a nice pot of tea while watching any of these films is a good thing too 🙂

UPDATE: Week four progress on my 12 week journey and challenge to manage my insulin resistance through diet…. hurray, hurray, hurray … I lost one more pound this week, the most difficult pound I ever remember losing …but I did it!  Three pounds down, seven to go by end of January.  Whew…the trick this week?  I resisted many desserts, I estimated my carb intake per meal and added a slice of good bread at a couple meals (that was in lieu of any bites of sweets).  I added 15 minutes of yoga stretch moves each morning….it worked.  Am motivated to diligently and seriously reach my goal now that I have some significant progress.


  1. Great post! Love the soundtrack to “The Big Night” too!

    • O.K., now I’m going to have to put the DVD in and listen to the music as I can’t remember it. You have such impeccable taste in music – I’m excited to be reintroduced to it… thanks J.

  2. I know how much you work out. It is amazing that you have any medical problems Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for your positive feedback! It all helps, particularly when it’s late in the evening and I begin my exercise of foraging through cupboards to see what I can munch on 🙂 and yes, I was shocked too that I have diabetes, but have finally embraced the need to take it seriously and create new habits that still let me enjoy all kinds of food….cause you know how much I love my food 🙂

  3. Yay! So happy to have this list handy now!! Several on here I have yet to see. Big Night is in my top 3 all time movies! I am always mesmerized by the last scene with the brothers in the kitchen. Thanks, Linda! And congrats on your progress!

    • Thanks Hils…you are a constant inspiration to me! We might need to watch one or two of these together.

  4. I haven’t seen most of these, it’s an impressive collection. I do remember how much torture it was watching Chocolat, if I watch that again I’ll have to have a box of chocs beside me. Well done with the continued weight loss, you’re doing really well and keeping it steady, which I think means you’re far more likely to keep it off in the long run. Go girl!

    • Yes, I remember seeing Julie and Julia and wishing I was nibbling on a plate of cheese with a nice glass of red wine…next time, I will, as I do have that on DVD. Thanks for your encouragement, my goal is to create good habits to sustain the weight loss….so slow and steady is good (albeit frustrating sometimes).

  5. Hey did you go see The Mistress of Spices without me?

    • That is one film I have not seen yet…but do plan on finding it. Sounds like our kind of film, right 🙂

  6. You go girl on the diet! Love this post-I’m glad you included Mostly Martha-I watched that a few years before No Reservations and loved it (plus I was a German major so I tried to really listen to the dialogue). Thank you for the link and the mention of my “timpano”-it wasn’t as good as I had hoped but it was tasty…

    • That’s what it’s called… a “timpano”… it was wonderful, wish I had some right now… the “all in one pot meal.” And anything you cook is spectacular and truly authentic. Hey…I thought you were a French major? An Italian French major who also knows German 🙂 truly a global person.

  7. I was a double major but now can only think in Italian!

    • Ahhhh. Well, I am impressed. Your command of the language and culture is awesome to me.

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