A Few Of My Favorite Things…. Plus Week 6 Challenge Update

My family and friends know just how much I love food and tea related gadgets and tools.  This year, I received some clever, interesting, and highly functional items.  You might want to check these out for the foodies in your life.  Each is $50 or under…

My favorite things, under $50 - Amish cake tester, French olive oil, butter dishes, Cucina kitchen hand soap, iPhone tripod, clever tea bags, all about tea cards, small cake dome, Kitchen papers table runner

My favorite things, under $50 – Amish cake tester, French olive oil, butter dishes, Cucina kitchen hand soap, iPhone tripod, clever tea bags, all about tea cards, small cake dome, Kitchen papers table runner

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I just LOVE these butter dishes.  They are from Crate & Barrel and cost $4.95 each.  I first saw them at our dear friend’s home (J & E) – They are easy to store butter in and keep it fresh – the lid does not fall off, it’s quite secure and it is easy to pass around too.

Cake plate and dome:  I received this darling 10″ round fluted cake plate from J&E … decided I needed a dome for it and had a heck of a time finding one.  I searched every brick and mortar store and googled dozens more, but could not locate a 9″ dome….then walked through a neat home store, Jack Thomas at Home, in Laguna Beach (on my way to the best little book store around (Laguna Beach Books), and saw this dome…snapped it up immediately.  I enjoy plating petite sweets for guests’ viewing enjoyment and “planning” ahead for their eating enjoyment…so the clear, domed lid is a good thing.

Next: I couldn’t resist showing off my favorite new table runner …love it love it love it…so do all the guests … from Kitchen Papers.  They have a full line of contemporary and beautiful kitchen paper goods.

My favorite kitchen hand soap…I was first given this by my writing buddy and coach, Hils…it is so wonderful…easy on your hands (not harsh), and has a delightful light scent that diminishes almost fully and immediately after washing.  This I love as I am sensitive to scents and prefer them to dissipate versus hang on. I now purchase the large refill size bottle to keep the counter bottle full. Cucina is the brand and they have other offerings too.

Hilarious tea bags from Germany…I found these in my mailbox, left with an r.s.v.p. to attend the St. Regis Tea and Tinis gathering from my friend, S., who has a knack for discovering the cutest and most clever gifts.

I can’t seem to find this on line any longer, but this wheel gives great tips on what foods pair with which teas…I am inspired to research a bit more to try to find this item again.

Week 6 update….half way through and I definitely plateaued…no weight loss…but no gain either.   I anticipated hitting a wall about now.  I seem to be able to lose 5 lbs, then …it gets truly difficult to go further.  This week will be a real test as I am making a serious effort to lose another pound.  Last week there were a couple holiday dinners that I decided to enjoy, while not going overboard… I need to kick myself in the behind a bit…as I write this, I am feeling energized…the  theme to the film Rocky is playing in my head…. I am now going to publish this and go do some exercise and drink tea!!


  1. What a wonderful collection of interesting items. Those butter dishes are an absolute steal at $4.95! I bought one shaped like that for my sister but it was marble with a silver domed lid and was considerably more expensive. I like the glass ones a lot, and I really can’t believe the price. I also very much love the glass cloche on top of your pretty cake plate. I’ve seen those here but they’re really pricey. The deck of tea cards sounds great, I’ve never seen anything like those before.

    Don’t despair with the weight business, you’re doing brilliantly and I keep thinking how sensible it is that you’re losing it slowly like this because I know people who’ve lost a lot quickly and then they put it back on again just as quickly. This is a difficult time of year to be losing weight, but I’m sure you can do it, and the new year is a great time for focussing on your goals.

    • Thank you Lorna… you are always so encouraging and you are right about it being a great time to focus on goals. I meet with a friend each week where we review and coach each other…and listen…to how we are doing on various goals. This week I am to write my five year goals…am just going to sit down and do that after a little email time. I read a survey years ago that noted that “writing one’s goals led to a much greater result than merely talking about them or thinking about them…” I’m going to get to the writing now. I do appreciate your insights and will stay the course.

  2. What wonderful ideas! And as far as the weight loss thing, it’s a day by day process. Staying upbeat and positive is very hard sometimes, but it sounds like you’re doing fantastic with that. As far as going overboard, don’t beat yourself up terribly if you do “indulge”. Sometimes, the more we look at all the things we can’t have, makes the diet process very difficult. Slips are going to happen. So, when it does, acknowledge it and understand the reason for the slipup. The behaviour modification of weightloss is very difficult…. I agree with Lorna above, slow and steady is the best. Kudos to you for even trying… 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement…just what I needed today. Behavior mod. is a challenge…but I do feel it slowly becoming comfortable and positive. Slow and steady is great advice. Thank you again!