Afternoon Tea Time At The Mission Inn…Revisited

My daughter, “A,”and I love to take in an afternoon tea and we enjoy the setting at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, California.   U.S. presidents have stayed in this gorgeous property situated on a lovely square in downtown Riverside.  We have attended beautiful weddings at this site too.  “A” and I took in tea here last year, just the two of us.  This time, we invited the boys (my two young grandsons, who enjoy putting on their finest clothes, and Grandpa too.)  All had fun walking around the property identifying the various decorations of angels, carolers, and musical bears hanging off the many balconies, and talking to the two Macaws that greet guests.  Once the tea goodies came,  the boys were quite excited, and particular, about which sweets they preferred. They tried Devon clotted cream for the first time. As long as strawberry jam was on the scone too, they were fine.

Carolers and “pretend” guests hang out on other balconies…quite clever.

Inside courtyard, above our table, decorative angels sing out —

There were plenty of sweets…French macarons, coconut macaroons, fruit tarts, cupcakes filled with cream, even canoli.

Mission Inn, Riverside, holiday tea time...

Mission Inn, Riverside, holiday tea time…

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When one of us asked for their low carb menu…they brought this plate of fruit instead of the sweets and scones.  Not “quite” what I had in mind, (was thinking more eggs and shrimp) but still better for me than all the desserts.  The boys LOVE fruit, so they enjoyed most of it.

All in all, a lovely afternoon. While the tea selection is limited, and oddly offers no “just plain black tea”, the service is nice.  I did hear a few guests at other tables asking for black tea.  Since we are seated in an outside patio, the tea got cold quickly, would have been nice to have had a cozy or the pot sitting on a tea warmer.

While the food is really beautiful, I wish they would prepare their scones to order and serve them hot, or at least warm.  Makes for a tastier bread which brings out the flavor of butters, clotted cream and jams more fully.

Week 9 Update…3 weeks to go…well, I don’t know if this week should count, as I lost almost 3 pounds; however, it is due to my catching a bug and being under the weather, unable to eat much for the past 4 days. We will see if I can keep any of that off going forward (I must say, even though not well, it was exciting to see that many pounds finally drop off, even though they are likely to bounce back.)


  1. I’m sorry you’ve been sick, Linda! 🙁 I hope you’re feeling better!
    I love the photos of the Mission Inn! I have never seen it, and now I really want to go… maybe take Therese there when we take our Palm Desert vacation soon… is it kind of out that way?
    Anyway, the tea faire looks delicious! My mouth is watering and wanting to set a date to go for tea asap!! 🙂 Thanks for another fabulous post!! <3

    • Am much better, thanks.
      The Mission Inn is really a gorgeous property that feels good to be in…no matter what you are there for. Happy to tell you it is absolutely on your way to to or from Palm Desert…a nice break in the drive actually. Their Las Campanas outdoor dining restaurant is also a favorite spot of ours inside this hotel.

  2. Hey, didn’t Rev Dave perform one of those weddings there?

    • Yes… and one of the finest I’ve ever been to.

  3. How odd about the lack of ordinary black tea, you’d think that’d be one of the staples. However, the food did look wonderful and the angels, bears and other decorations very festive. How nice to dine with angels watching over you!

    I’m sorry to hear about your illness and trust you’re feeling much better now. Well done with the weight loss, at least you can find a positive in being unwell.

    • Thank you… I am feeling much better, just a “bug” – am planning on keeping the weight loss off (I hope 🙂
      and Yes, I just don’t understand why so many restaurants and hotels in the U.S. either “run out of” or don’t have a good variety of black tea. I actually carry my own black tea bags in my purse now and sometimes just ask for hot water. There are also many places that do a fine job too, and it gets better all the time.

    • Oh and Lorna…you are so right that there was something so lovely about taking tea while “angels” watched over us…we also had our 4 and 7 year old grandsons with us who acted just like angels too 🙂

  4. So happy to read and see pictures of the Mission Inn. We lived in Riverside for nine years and enjoy fond memories of it. Never had tea there. But you must stay over night sometime after a wine dinner or during August when you can sit out on a rooftop patio and watch for shooting stars!
    Glad you are feeling better. Which tea helped you?

  5. Beautiful setting. What a sweet way to cap off the holiday season.

    • Yes. A nice new little tradition. The boys really likes the tea and adding ice cubes to their cup to cool it down.

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