Teas That Taste Like Dessert – Go Ahead, Indulge!

Last night I was craving something sweet.  As many of you know, I am coming to the end of a 12 week challenge to bring my blood sugar to a lower level.  I’ve been focused on eating fresh, whole foods, limiting carbs to 45 grams per meal, limited sweets during the challenge, and attempting to lose 10 pounds through diet and exercise.  Well, last night, I was just about to “get in trouble,” foraging through cupboards and our freezer to see if I had some little sweet dessert stashed somewhere, when I remembered that one of the teas my sister-in-law brought me from Paris included a chocolate spice variety from Kusmi Tea.  I steeped a cup in my favorite little steeping tea pot, from Tea Time Trading Company, which our friends, the Wickers, gave me last year.  It gave me the perfect cup.. hit the spot and saved me from myself.

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Kusmi chocolate tea, steeping in Teatime teapot, Mighty leaf six chocolate tea varieties

Kusmi chocolate tea, steeping in Teatime teapot, Mighty leaf six chocolate tea varieties

You might want to enjoy guilt-free indulgence by steeping teas that taste like dessert.  Sheer  decadence without the calories…without spiking blood sugar levels either…what a treat.  Normally, I am a fan of “pure teas” with no inclusions or scents (other than jasmine), but this one really was dessert-like and satisfying.


Add water (middle photo) , close lid, let steep…release steeped tea into the bottom of the pot with a “one finger” touch on the red button.  Pour into cup and drink up.

Many of the tea companies I purchase from offer a wide variety of delicious teas that hit your sweet tooth – you get decadence in flavor without the calories and without artificial anything.

I’ve tried dozens.  Determining which ones are right for you depends on your tastes (of course)…below are offerings from tea purveyors whose product I trust and indulge in often.

Mighty Leaf teas has a six flavor variety pack of their chocolate truffle teas.  I purchased these a couple years ago and had an “all chocolate” tea for my teenage niece and her friends…they loved it.  Below is this year’s collection and their description of the blends.

“Our Chocolate Truffle Tea Collection includes sumptuous chocolate blends with rich tea leaves for a multi-sensory indulgence. Since ancient times, whole leaf tea and artisan chocolates have seduced the soul. Drink in the decadence of Mighty Leaf’s chocolate truffle teas.”

Contains 6 tins of loose leaf tea: Mayan Chocolate Truffle, Masala Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Mint Truffle, Chocolate Orange Truffle, Mocha Pu-erh Truffle and Pear Caramel Truffle.

Harney & Sons is another excellent source for teas, including these sweet tasting offerings – Chocolate Mint, Apple Cinnamon, Soho Tea Blend which has chocolate and coconut, and a Valentine blend with chocolate and rosebuds.

Adagio Teas has Sweet Potato Pie, Nut & Spice, Coconut, Hazelnut, and Chocolate Chip, Caramel and Strawberry.

Most good tea purveyors offer dozens of  interesting blends.  I order the smallest portion size available when tasting a blend for the first time.  It’s fun to put on a  tea tasting with friends.  The feedback never ceases to amaze me.  Each taster offers a different perspective.

There are organic varieties (which I am ordering more and more of), Rooibus (African Red Bush, naturally non caffeinated infusions), and blends to include pears, caramels, cocoa chai (my grandson’s favorite), banana, orange spice and more.

When doing a tasting, I usually serve 3 to 5 different teas, using small cups like the one below.  Have a dump bucket on hand too so guests aren’t “stuck” with something they don’t enjoy.

These tea blends make lovely Valentine’s gifts too.  I’ve been getting lots of emails this week with deals for Valentine’s day from my favorite purveyors.  It’s a good time to check them out.  (Harney & Sons and Mighty Leaf deals came through this morning).  Who doesn’t like chocolate for Valentine’s Day?…These tea blends offer a healthy, creative,  and tasty version of chocolate.   The tea is really good served with actual chocolate too (or pear, or caramel or whatever one you are tasting.)  Pair it up.

Seems there is a tea for every occasion…I encourage you to give some a try.

Challenge update: Next week I should have my final update on my 12 week challenge…I have plateaued at -8 pounds on the weight loss and been keeping on track with eating and exercise…I feel like the numbers should come out good this time…we’ll see (keeping my fingers crossed.)  I have appreciated all your encouragement.  I’ve also been working on new afternoon tea menus which burst with flavor and satisfaction, yet reduce carbs.  Will be sharing those going forward.


  1. Any chance that I could buy non-loose chocolate tea locally? Sounds delicious. Thanks, Linda

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    • I just searched a bit and you might be able to get a chocolate tea at Lavender Lounge in San Clemente (at Del Mar and El Camino Real)…you might want to call them first. Online you can get chocolate mint teas in tea pouches/bags from Might Leaf and from Harney & Sons… I checked, they both have these for quite reasonable prices. Shipping is often free too.

  2. I must say, I’ve always been a bit wary of chocolate teas, but I can almost smell the leaves of your Kusmi tea and it seems very tempting. Perhaps 2013 is the year when I will finally submit to chocolate flavoured teas, I’m certainly willing to give them a go after reading this post. Well done with keeping off the weight and with finding a sweet treat that doesn’t pile on the calories!

    • I agree with you Lorna…in the past, chocolate teas haven’t been something I would choose over others, however, when “hunting” for something dessert-like, this really did the trick (I did add a bit of whole milk which I enjoyed). A few years ago I had a chocolate tea that had actual mini chocolate chips in with the tea leaves, this was interesting and good when I “ate” my tea with a spoon 🙂 Still, have an actual bar of dark chocolate is my favorite.

  3. Chocolate teas yum. They do hit the spot. There is a tea for every occasion. The other day I wanted popcorn. Thanks to you I was able to brew a cup!

    • That’s right. Thanks for remindinge about Japanese gemaicha (popcorn) tea. No carbs yet toasty.