Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate With Chef Katie Averill

What a fun evening my daughter, A., and I had last night…thanks to my husband’s thoughtful stocking stuffer Christmas gift to me this year…a gift to attend a chocolate making cooking class at Eat Street Culinary in Anaheim California with Chef Katie Averill.  I’ve written about Katie once before, we went to the opening of her cooking school last September, the post was –  It’s A Great Time To Be A Foodie….She is an incredible pastry chef and an excellent culinary instructor too.

Katie graciously welcomed us.  We learned a lot in our 3 hour class, had fun, worked hard, and got to take home a lovely pink box filled with gorgeous chocolates that we each made…ourselves!

This was a hands on class…we paired off to freely prepare the four recipes we were to make under Katie’s tutelage.  We learned to temper chocolate which resulted in these professional looking, shiny, petite, ganache-filled fine truffle chocolates…I can’t believe we made these…from scratch!

Here is the finished product from our four recipes…

Finished chocolates and candy making...can't believe I personally made each of these, but I did...and they tasted delicious

Finished chocolates and candy making…can’t believe I personally made each of these, but I did…and they tasted delicious

IMG_5295 IMG_5299 IMG_5304 IMG_5308 IMG_5323 IMG_5335 IMG_5352

Here is a photo tour of our work in class last night…

Work in progress... and what a mess in the sink in the end

Work in progress… and what a mess in the sink in the end

IMG_5137 IMG_5145 IMG_5147 IMG_5150 IMG_5154 IMG_5163 IMG_5170 IMG_5173 IMG_5176 IMG_5181 IMG_5187 IMG_5193 IMG_5198 IMG_5200 IMG_5213While the tempered chocolate cooled, we prepared the ganache filling.  Some students used white chocolate and various flavors for their filling…Chef Katie uses a quality chocolate…Callebaut chocolate.

Some students used white chocolate for their truffle filling…my daughter and I opted for bittersweet chocolate.  Once our ganache and our tempered chocolate cooled…we built the truffles.  It took three steps.  Fill the mold with tempered chocolate to line the mold, chill….fill with ganache, chill….create the bottom by drenching in remaining tempered chocolate – scrape off, chill… pop out of molds and eat mmmmmm




Then we made fudge…and after that, coconut joy filling for truffles

Once chocolate is stirred in…pour mixture into a baking pan and leave undisturbed for 20 minutes…


One more thing….we had extra ganache so I rolled them into truffle balls and dusted with Dean and DeLuca Dutch Processed Bensdorp Chocolate

I will say…we were glad we didn’t have to do the dishes after class

After taking this class, I will not hesitate to make my own chocolates for desserts and gifts in the future.  I mean, really, can you believe how professional these candies came out in 3 hours of class time and bit of finishing time?  Am looking forward to more classes from Eat Street Culinary…my next one will be a savory class.  Thank you Katie!  You made A. and I feel quite accomplished.

P.S.  I should have a final update regarding my 12 week challenge at the end of this week…am keeping my fingers crossed that the numbers come in good.  Am still keeping on track even while enjoying a bit of dark chocolate.


  1. That looks like a messy but wonderful class. Your creations were spectacular! So professional looking and I agree that making all that in 3 hours is amazing. I also love the name ‘coconut joy’. 🙂

    • Yes, it was a bit messy…I am not the neatest in the kitchen as it is. I kept having to go rinse my hands as I seemed to get immersed in the product a lot more than others…I also ought to fess up that my daughter did more work than me…she is quite the perfectionist so I counted on her to get the molten goods to the “exact” correct temperature. Those coconut balls were aptly named as they were a joy.

  2. Wow, those are beautiful. I change my mind, I want one.

    • Aha….I thought you might. Will bring some later to show you all that I really made them 🙂

  3. You’re killing me with this post-wow! What a fun day for you and A.

    • I seriously thought about you when working with the chocolates knowing you would love every morsel. Will be making some next time we are together.

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  4. Had such a great time. Thanks so much for taking me. I learned so much and am looking forward to putting my new skills to the test again!

    • Me too and I haven’t said this to anyone but you, but I really did stick you with all the meticulous stuff as you are so patient and thorough. I look forward to more classes with you.

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