Peace And Tranquility…On A Winter’s Day At Descanso Gardens….

While Spring has sprung and my garden is bursting with birds, buds and blooms; just a few short weeks ago, my sister’s garden club enjoyed a field trip to the newly renovated public Descanso Gardens, just outside of Los Angeles.  What a beautiful, relaxing day we had…about 40 of us took the 70 mile ride to La Canada in a luxury coach – chatting and relaxing all the way.

I had two reasons for going – First, to spend the day with my sister and our good friend, A., who was going too. Second, I saw that there was a Japanese tea house in the gardens.  The gardens were amazing…winter in Southern California is pretty awesome.  My sister and I regularly thank our parents (in spirit now) for moving here from colder parts of the U.S. many decades ago.  Even in winter, gardens can be gorgeous in So. Cal.

Sitting and eating areas surround the tea house creating a tranquil environment – I wish they actually served tea here…they don’t…at least not in winter.

Japanese Tea House at Descanso Gardens

Japanese Tea House at Descanso Gardens

IMG_5881 IMG_5883 IMG_5887 IMG_5898

A few steps away is this lovely stream and bridge with a view of the teahouse …

Gift shop had interesting items such as this head pot, relaxing areas including unique benches, daffodils Wordsworth would enjoy

Gift shop had interesting items such as this head pot, relaxing areas including unique benches, daffodils Wordsworth would enjoy

IMG_5941 IMG_5943 IMG_5954 IMG_5967But then we came across these beauties in bloom…

There were lovely sitting areas throughout the gardens…

Then we came across the outdoor stage…

Even the gift shop had cool stuff…like these head planters

In the midst of massive population, heavy traffic, honking horns, noise, rush hours, and confusion, there exists this tranquil environment and urban retreat.  I am continuously amazed that there are people who “make” remarkable places like these exist.  Thank you!


  1. How beautiful!! What a neat day!
    And how strange no tea in the tea house. 🙁

    • yes, seemed the teahouse was for ornamental purposes; however, there is an area inside which looks like they actually use it for serving tea on occasion…i need to find out what the occasion is…

  2. What a magnificent looking place, just a pity they weren’t serving tea. I hope they do serve it later in the year, it would be too good an opportunity to miss.

    • yes, and I am definitely going to follow up to find out when tea is served there…it looks primed and ready to do so…just not on a winter’s day – which actually would have been a perfect time for a hot cup of tea 🙂

  3. Wow, when can our book club go to this amazing garden? I am thinking that we can discuss books anywhere beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Linda

    • absolutely, what a great idea…there are several retreats areas perfectly suited for discussion…