Join Us For A Tea Tasting Event…@ Goin Native May 10 and May 11

Once or twice a month, I volunteer garden in the historic Los Rios area of San Juan Capistrano (California).  My “gardener” sister got me hooked on this about a year ago.  It feels good to contribute to the beauty of this historic site, where we are working to make it a destination for more and more Monarch butterflies.  The leader of this “Gardening Angels” group, Marianne Taylor, heard I wrote a book about tea and got this idea…”would I consider doing a  tea tasting for Goin Native Gardens , her incredibly neat garden business and personal home, also located in this historic area of San Juan Capistrano.   Goin Native is situated on an 1887 property and is a wonderful site for a tea tasting…the outdoor setting is under shade trees and umbrellas, in the midst of gorgeous vegetable and native plant gardens weaving themselves around their historic home.

Owners since 1990, Marianne and John Taylor restored this historic site and it’s gardens to reflect beauty and functionality.  The raised bed vegetable garden is easy to work and manage.  There are multiple garden retreat areas, along with fruit trees, native plants, and relaxed, cozy sitting areas throughout the property.

I am excited to introduce our guests to wonderful Mighty Leaf organic, whole  leaf teas – perfectly paired with savory and sweet bites from my Tea With Betty recipes …prepared by local pastry chef, Kevin Montoya, owner of Carley Cakes.

While guests will primarily eat, drink tea, enjoy the gardens and converse;  I will also briefly touch on: what tea IS …versus what it isn’t;  demonstrate how to make a good cup of tea;  and demonstrate how to make a delicious quick bread (my favorite little biscuit scone.)  We will be serving a three course menu paired with five fine teas.  It should be a fun lunchtime event with time to walk around the gardens and relax.   Check out the invite  GoinNative_invite   .

Below is our menu reflecting tea pairings and the flow of the class.

Goin Native presents EAT. BE. TEA … 

Tasting Menu for May 10 and May 11 event from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Gathering Time

  • Organic Ceylon Iced Tea from Kenilworth Estate
  • Spiced Roasted Pecans

Tea Making (How To) and Tasting Time with The Savory Plate….

  •  Smoked Salmon Mousse in Crispy Wonton Cup
  • Polenta  Square Topped with Roasted Mushrooms
  • paired with RareTieguanyin Jade Oolong Tea
  • Roasted Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella & Basil on Crostini
  • Creamed Goat Cheese drizzled with honey
  • Paired with Organic Assam Tea from Rani Estate

Intermezzo…Biscuit Making Demonstration with Petite, Warm Biscuit Scones…

  •  Savory Pancetta Cheese Biscuit & Linda’s Favorite Biscuit Scone
  • with Vanilla Bean & Cinnamon Butter
  • Paired with Masala Chai Tea

Sweet Finale

  •  Decadent Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites
  • Lemon Curd Tartlet with Toasted Meringue
  • Paired with Jasmine Downey Pearls Tea  (Rare)

Relax and walk about the gardens and shop

Author book signing of Tea With Betty Tea Manual & Memoir

Reserve your seat by going to….


Come join the fun if you can.  We are hoping this is just the first of many tasting menus to come…we are planning on doing video of this event & photos, and post them soon on this site or my new, soon to be released blog site which I will fill you in on in the next three weeks.   (It is currently under construction right now…fyi…all of Tea With Betty info will transfer to the new site…but we will have ability to do more things, such as videos on the new site…more on this subject later).

Enjoy and Drink Tea  🙂


  1. Ooh Linda, this looks great, as do your wee scones and those amazing lemon curd tartlets! I’m so pleased that you’re going to be instructing people in how to make tea properly, a simple but essential part of civilized life, in my opinion. 🙂 If I could attend this tea tasting I would, it sounds utterly marvellous!

    • Thanks Lorna… I am rather excited about doing this….am working out my biggest challenge which is preparing 50 cups of tea at one time — (they are really 4 ounce pours)… am testing it out before hand… Oh and those little lemon curd tarts were just delicious…my niece did the meringue for me as she is really really good with desserts! Wish you could be here for the event too; however, you KNOW how to make a good cup of tea and I have been enjoying reading about all your tastings…will fill you in on the event for sure though.

  2. If only I can have some of this tea, this looks yummy and fresh!!

    • Thanks so much for commenting on my blog…I do love a good cup of tea with a fresh, tasty morsel or two…