A Week Of Giant Birthday Cakes and A Giant Teacup…

It’s been a busy couple weeks around here between Easter, Spring planting, and birthdays.  Easter dinner normally takes place at our house…over the years, it has become a large family affair of about 30 guests.  Since the advent of  Spring and Easter usually occur near each other on the calendar, readying the house for the holiday  is a great excuse for me to get a kick start on bringing my yard back to life after months of laying dormant…and, living in Southern California, the weather almost always cooperates  for an outdoor start to the day, including an egg hunt—so the backyard is a focal point for the celebration.  This year, we decided to improve our raised herb and veggie garden and put in a new framework…it was much more work than it originally looked like….but we did it.   Yay…now we need more veggie mix soil…but that’s a whole other story 🙂

Below are photos of some of the color coming through in the yard that we had for Easter, including replanting my GIANT ornamental teacup —

But the best planter is my GIANT teacup…given to me as a thank you from a friend who knows I love tea…(I am so lucky, friends find me the most interesting tea themed items).

We even put up a small hot house and planted seeds….this done before putting in the new vegetable beds…

Our first seeds planted are two heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, jalapenos and Genovese basil….all organic from Seeds of Change (also a Mars company, fyi).

Our 20 year old Wisteria vine cooperated beautifully for the day and bloomed profusely while permeating the air with the most wonderful fragrance.

Spring has sprung in my garden

Spring has sprung in my garden

IMG_6300 IMG_6301 IMG_6311 IMG_6381

On top of the convergence of spring and Easter…my two young grandson’s birthdays both fall in the first week of April…this is the third year that I have been in charge of the birthday cakes – I am not a great cake decorator, but I try. The cake making used to be the job (and joy) of my dear friend, Pat, a fabulous, “almost famous” cake maker… and one of the most generous and awesome persons I’ve ever known…sadly, she passed away three years ago.  Aside from breaking all our hearts that this joyful, loving person left us…my family’s cake making got handed to me.  This year the boys made very specific requests of me as to what they wanted their cakes to look like..a “whodunit cake” and a “knight cake”.

The “Whodunit Cake” was a challenge as it required  large decorator items… so I ended up having to make a half sheet cake to fit all the stuff going on top of the cake…our 8 year old loved it!

Then there was the “Knight Cake” for my 5 year old grandson…it came out great due to the expert help of Grandpa…


Giant birthday cakes ... half sheets and decorated to the hilt per the birthday boy's requests

Giant birthday cakes … half sheets and decorated to the hilt per the birthday boy’s requests

I will say, all this cake washed down nicely with a few cups of lovely, organic, whole leaf teas…Jasmine pearl with cake is a favorite of mine.


  1. The cakes were amazing! The boys thought they were amazing, and best of all, they were absolutely delicious!

  2. Thank you…the boys have your good taste and ordered Betty’s…Mom’s Mayo (marble) cake… 🙂 We had so much fun w/ both birthdays….

  3. I seem to remember the boys have been requesting “special” cakes a lot longer than a year. 🙂 It was a lot of fun doing them together. Plus I’d do almost anything for those boys.

    • Yes, I think those darling young boys know that too 🙂 And it was much more fun making them together — it’s a date to do the same next year. Will be interesting to see what they come up with.

  4. Wow!! Gorgeous garden, gorgeous cakes!!!! Lucky boys!!
    You and the Rev 😉 make the best team!!

    • Ahhhh – fyi, the cake was Mom’s mayo cake…the boys both asked for it not knowing the other one did…it was fun.

  5. Your garden looks glorious and I can almost smell that wisteria, what a cracker of a plant. They don’t make it easy for you, do they, your dear grandsons?! The cakes are wonderful, no wonder they went down well, especially teamed with some delicious leaf teas. Yum!

    • You are so correct about my grandsons not making it easy for me…they really have me wrapped around their little fingers…and I just LOVE it… they just tell it like it is…they are candid and open and I admire and appreciate that openness. Regarding Wisteria… I love it… it is so beautiful and challenging to manage to keep in the space I’d like it to be kept in… it always wants to encroach the fence line or another area…sometimes I let it, then it gets brazen and goes for more….so I have to cut it back. After almost 20 years, this plant is like family 🙂 So appreciate your comments Lorna. Thank you.

  6. So admire your wisteria and vege sprouts! Those cakes look fabulous! Don’t sell yourself short. Diane

    • Ahhh thank you. And the wisteria was so gorgeous. Two weeks later it has now lost most of its stunning blooms.

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