All Set For The Big Day…

I was so rushed getting ready for our tea tasting that I didn’t get this post out before the events…am sharing it with you tonight and will fill you in on how things went over the next few days…am working on the photos now.  I will say that from the wonderful response,  there will be many more tea drinkers after seeing how much the attendees enjoyed the Mighty Leaf whole leaf, single estate and organic teas we consumed during the tasting and pairing with recipes from Tea With Betty.

Going back to the night before the event days…Written Thursday night – May 9:

The car is loaded…and I mean loaded…with a plethora of tea paraphernalia…ready for day one of our two tea tasting events this weekend.   Over 90 guests have registered (45 attendees each day)…we’ll be preparing a lot of tea.

I have …

120 tasting cups, three electric kettles, five infusers, 4 clear glass pots, timers, teaspoons, pounds and pounds of teas, handouts, pitchers, dispensers, dump buckets, 20 gallons of spring water,  even a Kitchen aide stand up mixer with whisk (for our pastry chef catering the event to be able tomake meringue on site for the lemon meringue tarts), my mise en place for demonstrating how to make a biscuit scone, and of course, Tea With Betty books too…whew…I can’t get one more thing into the car.

We are ready to go!  Check out this car…


The car is loaded, ready to mise en place for scone making in one box

The car is loaded, ready to go…my mise en place for scone making in one box

Car ready and loaded to go to the event site…tea tasting cups, Kitchen aide mixer, bottles of spring water, and more
Box filled with my “miss en place” for demonstrating how to make a quick bread – my favorite biscuit scone – dry ingredients are sealed with plastic wrap and butter and milk are in a cooler container ready for tomorrow

I went by our site to check out the set up with Marianne of Goin Native.  It feels good…cozy for such a big group.  We will put table cloths, table runners, and place settings out the morning of …it will transform the area into one of grace and beauty … 🙂  seriously…it will look beautiful thanks to others (I am not the best at decor…but have enormously talented people around me who are).

Location ready to set up

Location ready to set up

U shape set up for class – located in the unique, relaxing, historic area of San Juan Capistrano…on Los Rios Street at Goin Native garden.

U shape set up

U shape set up

Set up view from the other direction
This is the table where I will be setting up for signing Tea With Betty books after the class…a lovely location
Marianne / Goin Native has beautiful herbs and succulents for sale displayed in these rustic cabinets…a living keepsake from one’s time in this relaxing historic garden
IMG_6835 IMG_6836

Retail area integrated into the setting... lovely Paseolivo Olive Oil on display

Retail area integrated into the setting… lovely Paseolivo Olive Oil on display

I am just about finished with my prep of my presentation…  What a challenge to distill seven years of research about tea and tea time activities and foods into 40 minutes of discussion…but it’s done..”follow the”KISS” method of presenting” is what my good buddy Hils says… (K.I.S.S. stands for keep it simple stupid (or “silly” would be a nicer way to put it I suppose 🙂

Tomorrow morning  my crack team of helpers will meet two hours before the tea tasting starts to help set up.  I am a lucky girl for sure to have family and friends who volunteer to pitch in whenever I need them…it’s wonderful.  I did bribe them with food and drink though 🙂  I will certainly be posting photos when we are done.  It will be interesting to see how day one goes versus day two…a bit like the movie “ground hog’s day” I suppose.

Am off to bed now hoping to get at least 6 hours of good sleep…will update  this weekend as soon as I catch my breath.

Oh, one more thing for those of you who were following my 12 week challenge to lose weight so my blood sugar would drop to a “non-diebetic” level…which was extended for another 12 weeks-so really it was a 24 week challenge…which just ended today…  drum roll please….

Hurray… I did it!  Got those numbers down to a “boring” level as my doctor said today…Yay…I actually feel better…it’s amazing what losing 10 pounds and eating a balanced diet of carbs, proteins and fats will do for you…that along w/ a bit of exercise… and I even had a couple of scones (petite though they were) now and then…thanks for all your support.  Now I am not going to go crazy and ruin this good state I am in…However, I do plan on having one of my scones at the tea tasting tomorrow and the rest of the menu (as it is small plate, small bite oriented…and who can resist a lemon curd tartlet)… this along with a bit of pure healthy tea is a good thing.

Enjoy and I look forward to sharing photos of my first tea and food tasting from Tea With Betty…