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It’s Time For Tea!




  1. Hi Linda, your site looks amazing! Gorgeous, really professional and nicely designed. I did try to sign up but am not sure it worked; however, I see you’re on Facebook so I’ll dash on over there and follow you. Are you on Twitter as well, by any chance?

    • Hi Lorna…am so sorry you have had challenges subscribing…it should be simple. Thought we had this worked out, but obviously not. Will get with my tech person and resolve this. I am not on Twitter yet…am figuring out facebook, got Pinterest going…Twitter is on my agenda … but do hope to get you subscribed directly to Eat Be Tea asap.
      Will get back to you in a bit on this. Thanks for your comments…glad you like the design, I was quite happy with this banner when my media person first sent it over…the only thing we spent way too much time on was figuring out which style of silverware to use 🙂 I am lucky to have a team of people around me with good taste (who nixed my original idea 🙂

  2. Thank you Linda, I’m sorry to pour water on things, maybe it’s just me having trouble. I’ll keep checking in here, and hopefully see you on FB, in fact I did this morning and you mentioned my book! 🙂 Thank you!