Buttermilk Fried Chicken Night At Ad Hoc…

Ad Hoc Fried Chicken...a large seemingly unending skillet full...crunchy, tender, juicy good

Ad Hoc Fried Chicken…a large seemingly unending skilletful…crunchy, tender, juicy good

After taking one crunchy bite of Ad Hoc’s decadent, crispy, juicy fried chicken, my husband looked up and said, “this is just crazy, stupid good!”  He was right.  There’s not much better than getting to indulge in perfectly prepared fried chicken. Chef Thomas Keller’s Yountville restaurant, Ad Hoc, serves up the best every other Monday night. We actually plan our Napa vacations around those Monday nights.  I suppose it’s a little crazy and stupid…but worth it to us. After starting with a remarkable little gem salad – prepared from fresh picked veggies from the Thomas Keller garden, we finished with the below cheese and dessert courses.  Quality ingredients…prepared meticulously and simply…always spot on good!  I even enjoyed mine with a lovely green tea, as I was a bit “wined out” from a day of tastings.

Ad Hoc sources small chickens, specifically grown for them, for their fried chicken recipe. The recipe is featured in their Ad Hoc cookbook.   The chickens are uniquely small.  They are flown in  fresh daily from Texas. The atmosphere in this casual, chic restaurant on fried chicken night is bustling and happy.  Our server, Sarah, even made sure we left with a box of fried chicken, packed “to go”…it’s calling my name right now as it sits in the little fridge in our hotel room.  I suppose I could justify breaking into the box tonight with the fact that Ad Hoc’s tag line does say … “for temporary relief from hunger” 🙂

Ad Hoc home... for temporary relief of hunger

Ad Hoc home… for temporary relief from hunger

Ad Hoc's dinner are a 4 course, prix fix menu...always included is a cheese course and dessert...here is an aged gouda goat with the crispiest thin toast and a stunning fig jam...then luscious lemon posset with blueberry topping, and an almond cookie - all went well with the fried chicken

Ad Hoc’s dinners are a 4 course, prix fix menu…always included is a cheese course and dessert…here is an aged gouda goat with the crispiest thin toast and a stunning fig jam…then luscious lemon posset with blueberry topping, and an almond cookie – each course complements the next.



  1. What you didn’t mention was whose little fridge the box of chicken was in. Had it been in your fridge and not next door I’m not sure the leftovers would have survived.

    • Yes…I was hoping you didn’t notice that 🙂

  2. Jealous, anyone? Yeah, me! 😉 I love reading about your dining adventures!! Looking forward to more from this trip.

    And whose little fridge was the box of chicken in?

    • Well, we smartly put the leftover box in A’s room…she is disciplined and saving them for our picnic lunch tomorrow…the food up here is just awesome. Will share more in the next post.

  3. It feels almost sacrilegious to say this but….that fried chicken is better than my Grandma Allene’s. It was absolutely incredible!

    • Technically better, yes…but certainly missing the “love” your grandma put into hers 🙂
      But it is spectacularly delicious.

  4. I don’t even eat chicken and this sounds delicious! I like the way they presented the cheese and dessert, and that tag line is great. 🙂 I think it makes perfect sense that you plan your vacations around this.

    • Yes, the way Ad Hoc does food, you’d be tempted to eat the chicken…what I so love about this restaurant is how unpretentious and accessible the food is and their presentation is so simple, yet interesting, such as, serving the puddings in little jam jars…quite fun and functional.