It’s In The Bag…or Should I Say “Pouch, Sachet?”

When at home, I prepare my tea using high quality leaf teas in an infuser container, which once steeped, is diffused into a tea pot.

When outside the home, it is usually simpler to opt for a tea bag – which used to mean getting an inferior product called “tea dust.”  But not today.  It is liberating and exhilarating to a tea lover like me to be able to have a superior cup of tea using a single served bag…which is filled with quality leaf tea and encased by an eco-friendly and food friendly wrapping.  Such is the case with two products I had this week while on vacation.  They are so good that I had to share them with you.

First – from Mighty Leaf – one of my absolute favorite tea purveyors – comes tea in their signature and award winning pouch.


Mighty Leaf award winning, eco-friendly tea pouches....filled with quality whole leaf teas and herbs and fruit and....

Mighty Leaf award winning, eco-friendly tea pouches….filled with quality whole leaf teas and herbs and fruit and….




Second – from Mariage Freres – when I needed more tea this week  on the road, we were near Dean & Deluca who carries an impressive array of French fine teas…including Mariage Freres.  I had never purchased their teas in a pouch before, only loose teas…when I opened the box, I was thrilled to see these darling little cotton muslin sachets filled with subtly fragrant Earl Grey leaf tea…made with Darjeeling and Bergamot.  Steeping with these little sachets is a treat…makes the brewing seem quite special.


Mariage Freres cotton muslin sachets...makes a special cup of tea

Mariage Freres cotton muslin sachets…makes a special cup of tea

IMG_6651 IMG_6654 IMG_6662 IMG_6665



I am so happy to find that most high quality tea purveyors are offering single serve tea pouches using high-end materials and filling them with whole leaf teas…it’s not just our mother’s old dust in a tea bag that’s available to us anymore.  Yay I say!!!

Drink Tea…It’s good for you 🙂


  1. What very beautiful teabags. This is a relatively recent phenomenon in the UK, too, and the English brand, Teapigs, is along similar lines to your Mighty Leaf. I like the fact that there are no staples, and having the caffeine content on the labels is unique, to my knowledge. Those French ones are so delightful, they look as if they were born in a previous era with their string tied muslin. I’m in complete agreement with you, this is how teabags ought to look.

    • I will have to check into Teapigs…I love trying out various tea brands, particularly those who take care with their packaging. The difference in flavor is significantly better with these new pouches that carry the loose leaf…what a fun time to be drinking tea 🙂

      • Amen to that!