Inventive, Flavorful, Whimsical & Beautiful Foods…

All you need are incredibly high quality ingredients…and a wildly creative mind, oh and some madly, outstanding skills in the kitchen – that’s what we experienced at Chef Michael Voltaggio’s L.A. restaurant, Ink. this week;

According to the Food & Wine website, Voltaggio was honored as one of 2013’s best new chefs  “because his modernist cuisine pushes boundaries — he’ll serve octopus over buttered-popcorn puree — but it is still delicious.”

Interesting flavors, great presentation, very inventive, and superb service are key reasons why I would come back, as well as bring friends and family.

Ink.'s Little Gem Salad...with anchovy puffed toast

Ink.’s Little Gem Salad…with anchovy puffed cracker and the most stunningly cool and creamy and savory frozen burrata mmmmm – who would have thought to have made an ice cream out of burrata cheese?  Voltaggio did.  And it took my favorite summer indulgence in cheese to a new level — and I always want my anchovies served this way too…flavor in a puffed cracker

little gems, burrata, anchovy cracker, lemon dressing 


Where’s the Hamachi?…gorgeously hidden under delectable tastes of crispy cheese, chives, & tomato – fresh and creamy and salty like the ocean

 hamachi, citrus kosho, smoked buttermilk, tomato, oaxacan cheese

Monterey Squid with cippollini onions and chanterelles

Monterey Squid with cippollini onions and chanterelles which whimsically mimic each other in shape and color…creamy, chewy, powerful flavors in each bite

monterey squid, coconut-onion soubise, chanterelles, miso

and we loved the clean, simple table setting…and the fact that they “get” that silverware should be treated with a bit of reverence and care and sanitation….

silverware carefully placed on a the table

silverware carefully placed on a stone…off the table



Ink.  We will be back.

I had a perfectly prepared whole leaf jasmine green tea to finish off my meal too…served in a tetsubin pot.  We went home happy and raving fans…even the 60 mile drive won’t keep us away 🙂

Ink. exterior and interior...the food and chefs speak for themselves

Ink. Subtle…cool…understated exterior and interior…the food and chefs speak for themselves

And YES...the chef is in the nice to actually have the celebrity chef really work in his own kitchen...does it make a difference in the food?  We think so.

And YES…the chef is in the kitchen…how nice to actually have the celebrity chef really work in his own kitchen…does it make a difference in the food? We think so.


  1. I for one can’t wait to go back there.

    • Me too…book it!

  2. Have so enjoyed your excellent adventures from afar! Your photos and commentary make me feel as if I were there; keep up the good – and obviously, grueling – work! If you need an assistant… know the number!!!!

    • Would love to have you assist sometime soon…look forward to your getting back in town! Not sure you would have enjoyed all the seafood we ordered — however, there is plenty of red meat on the menu too…next trip…will give check on some dates with you.

      • I’m in!!! xo

        • When are you back in So. Cal.? We miss you!

  3. Works of art! I like the cutlery rest.

    • Yes…the food was just so beautiful and was seriously the most flavorful food I think I’ve ever had…each bite was packed with flavor. Truly a fine chef. Also..I have a bit of an obsession with how my silverware is handled…I do not like it just laying on a table that doesn’t have a clean cloth on it (or a clean place mat)…so was happy to see the clean stone holder. It was a fun dinner. Thanks and hope you are enjoying Tea With Betty…