Why Tea Is So Magical …

When prepping notes for a tea tasting class, I jotted what I thought was kind of a witty laundry list about why everyone should consider making their “go to” beverage tea; (after pure, fresh water, of course).  This is what I came up with:

TEA IS:  calorie free, gluten free, vegetarian – even vegan, no carb.,  full of healthy things like anti-oxidants, good for your teeth, available in enormous varieties of flavors thus never boring, refreshing, increases metabolism, calming, like a hug – warm and comforting, interesting in a nerdy sort of way.

Taking tea can be social or not depending on your mood, steeping time is excellent thinking/musing time, even the rare ones are “cheap” compared to other beverages; and, as I experienced this past week….a damp tea bag can be used to reduce the swelling from a bee sting 🙂   (ouch!)

Recently, when flipping through Pinterest tea photos, I came across these two charts…I just loved them and thought I’d share them with you today.    Can you think of any other reasons to drink tea?

Tea Chart from Twinings

Tea Chart from Twinings

This one I think came from endorphins.tumbir.com  (hope I credited it correctly)

This one I think came from e-ndorphins.tumbir.com (hope I credited it correctly)

Love the line…”Tea is like a liquid hug.” It also reminds me of my mom…and of wonderful times with my sister, daughter, family and friends…





  1. Sorry, I still prefer your hugs.

    • Well, I am certainly glad to know that!

  2. Magical…indeed! I love the perfect examples as to “why”!

    • Thanks…one of the most magical teas I’ve experienced was our dim sum tea adventure…will have to do that again.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. A life without tea doesn’t bear thinking about. Tea is one of my top priorities in life, whatever the time of year or time of day. As an addict, tea gets rid of headaches produced by lack of caffeine (I possibly shouldn’t be admitting to that). It soothes, destresses, cheers me up and generally makes me feel like a whole human being. It’s comforting when you’re on your own and it bonds you with chums. If I was marooned on a desert island I’d want it to be one that had a tea plantation inland.

    • Lorna…I totally agree with you! I actually look forward to getting up each morning, excited to prepare a delicious, fresh pot of hot breakfast tea with a little whole milk. After that….I am good to go…later in the day, who knows which tea I will go for (which is part of the fun…choosing whatever sounds good). As far as being marooned…yep…I would hope there is a great stash of tea there.