Tiramisu … Pick Me Up

I had a request to make Tiramisu from my nephew.  We researched recipes together and made a beautiful dessert. We even had enough to make two individual sized portions (for taste testing later).  Quality control is important :-).

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert…and  means “pick me up” or “lift me up”.  It’s made with ladyfinger cookies (Italian: Savoiardi) dipped in espresso that may or may not include a shot of your favorite liquor (we added Marsala).  Mascarpone cheese, egg yolks, egg whites, sugar (not that much really) are used, then dusted with powdered chocolate.  With the coffee and liquor, it is more of an adult dessert.

I got this recipe from cookingwithrosie@blogspot.com.  Everyone loved the dish.   Her recipe is below the photos.  We doubled it for our big crowd.

The making of our Tiramisu...Italian Mascarpone is the key ingredient...along with Ladyfinger cookies...no baking needed...whipped egg whites, mixing the mascarpone, eggs and sugar in my husbands 35 year old Kitchen Aide mixer....(built to last) and dipping and layering into a luscious, creamy mature dessert.

The making of our Tiramisu…Italian Mascarpone is the key ingredient…along with Ladyfinger cookies…no baking needed…whipped egg whites, mixing the mascarpone, eggs and sugar in my husbands 35 year old Kitchen Aide mixer….(built to last) and dipping and layering into a luscious, creamy mature dessert was a fun project for my nephew and me.  Using quality ingredients matters…we used fresh organic eggs, Dean & Deluca’s dutch processed cocoa and Italian products from Claros Italian store…

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625 ml (2-2½ cups) strong espresso, cooled to room temperature
4 large eggs or 5 small/medium eggs, separated
4-5 tbsp sugar (one tablespoon per egg) I use a regular spoon to measure – if you use a measuring spoon it will taste sweeter (personal preference).
500 g (16 oz) mascarpone cheese, room temperature
1 200-250 g (7-9 oz) pkg Savoiardi or Pavesini (lady fingers) These are known as Löffelbiscuits in Germany.
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (or to taste) Again, I use a regular spoon but a measuring spoon will also work.


1. In a medium bowl, beat egg whites with electric mixture till stiff peaks form but not dry; set aside. 2. In another medium bowl, Beat the egg yolks with sugar until creamy, about 1 minute. If not beaten well, then the filling will have an egg-y taste. Then add mascarpone cheese and mix until there are no more lumps. . 3. Gently fold the egg whites into the mascarpone mixture with a spatula or wooden spoon. 4. Dip the cookies in espresso (you can add a shot of your favourite liquer to the espresso, like rum, amaretto, brandy, Frangelico, marsala, etc.) and lay them into a 9×14 rectangular glass pan (or you may use another container/pan). You can leave 3-4 mm (1/4 inch) or a finger’s width between each cookie for the filling, or you can place them close/next to each other so there is no filling between the lady fingers (personal preference). Pour half the mascarpone mixture onto the cookies and spread evenly across the top. 5. Repeat step 4 with the next layer but alternate the cookies perpendicular (or just follow the same pattern as in the first layer) to the ones in the first layer. 6. Refrigerate for over night for best results. If you really must, then refrigerate a minimum of 4 hours before serving but it might still be runny. Sprinkle with cocoa. Makes 12 large pieces or 16 smaller pieces.

from cookingwithrosie@blogspot.com

I have this thought…that just like the “tea affogato(see post here)… maybe, just maybe, converting this traditional espresso laden dish into one with tea soaked biscuits might be an interesting version.  We’ll see.  I might give it a try with a rich Assam and a light sherry.  Or maybe not…maybe this is best left alone. It was pretty awesome tasting.

But still, drink tea….it’s good for you 🙂



  1. I love tiramisu but I’ve never tried making it myself. Yours looks gorgeous, I could just dive in with a big spoon. I love the Kitchenaid mixer, too. 🙂

    • It certainly is a dish that one wants to just dive into with a spoon…It was so simple to make, just need the right ingredients. Was surprised that nearly all recipes call for raw eggs…I used washed, organic eggs and all seemed to work out well

  2. Hey don’t be giving my mixer away.

    • Never…it is a vintage keepsake