The Modern Teapot…I Think I Am In Love :-)

I just love being able to SEE my tea as it is steeping.  The visual aesthetic of watching leaves unfurl and liquor release into the water is relaxing,  pleasing, and meditative.  My fine china and porcelain teapots will aways have a place on my shelves, and in my heart (as many were gifts from truly special people in my life)…however, these modern teapots are what I gravitate towards now as practical, functional and let’s face it…really “cool looking” vessels.   Some are award winning designs, such as Denmark’s, Eva Solo teapot pictured just below.

Eva Solo tea maker - even has a silicon jacket

Eva Solo tea maker – even has a silicon jacket

“While we are slurping our teas and traveling to tea estates, Eva Solo is slaving away designing beautiful pots to brew our teas and infusions. This fat bottomed pot comes with its very own zip up neoprene jacket (or perhaps we should call it a wetsuit?). Not just a pretty pot, this tea-maker has won awards for its functionality. The built in filter stops the leaves from escaping as you pour. Available with a black or red jacket.” Description is from the Teapigs site.

This concept of “a wetsuit” keeping your tea warm is a fabulous idea.


Scandanavian tea pot

Scandinavian tea

Menu Norm Glass Kettle Teapot with Tea Egg

“Norm Glass Kettle Teapot uniquely embraces the meeting of two traditions – the Asian zen philosophy and modern Scandinavian design. A special feature is the teapot’s transparency that grants a visual experience of the tea and stimulates the senses of sight, touch and smell alike. As a fine design detail the tea egg is placed in the center of the pot and is easily raised by pulling the attached silicon string when the tea is ready for serving.”  Super stylish…

I first saw this on the shelves in the shop at Zinc Cafe in Laguna Beach.  I loved it.  I went back in to look at it and vacillated over purchasing it for at least a half hour.  I talked myself out of it, as the last thing I need is another teapot, then kicked myself for not getting it.  I was back at Zinc with my sister and nephew a few weeks later and told myself…”if that teapot is still there, I am getting it.”  It was not 🙁 .    It’s still on my wish list and I have since found that I can purchase these from a few different sites online (I googled “cool looking Scandinavian teapots”).  Below is another one I saw which has a nice tea light warmer stand.

Smart Tea Set

Smart Tea Set


Of course, you can make a cup of tea in any bowl-like vessel with a filter of some kind to strain the leaves…but it is so lovely and civilized and thoughtful to brew one’s tea in a beautiful container.

No matter what you steep your tea in…it matters that you have quality tea leaves…organic when possible…get them from a source you can trust.

I actually enjoy looking at these teas almost as much as drinking them (almost) 🙂

Drink tea…it’s good for you.



  1. Well, I guess I know what you want for Valentine’s Day.

  2. 🙂

  3. Trust the Scandinavians to have such stylish teapots. 🙂 I like that top one, because it’s so far removed from what I visualise when I think of the word ‘teapot’; it looks like a decanter. I think I would very much enjoy watching my tea steep in one of those. Nice selection!

    • Me too… I love the top one… I have a feeling that one will be making it’s way to my home soon 🙂