The Perfect Bite… Spicy Crab Cakes On A Spoon


Petite crab cakes…with habanero mayo…paired perfectly with my cup of oolong tea this afternoon

Petite crab cakes…since I was making really small cakes, I wanted a recipe packed with flavor; therefore, I broke away from my regular recipe and went to Martha Stewart’s Hors D’oeuvres Handbook, using her Classic Crab Cake recipe along with her Chili – Lime Aioli. Flavor punch came from the habanero chili peppers & lime juice in the aioli and the jalapeños in the crab mixture

Functional, clean, and attractive… the appetizer spoons are a great vehicle to serve individual bites with sauce…(a side benefit of the spoon as vehicle?…it certainly eliminates the potential of someone “double dipping into the sauce bowl :-)” )



I love serving foods in simple, yet interesting ways.  Our dear friends (who are Dutch) brought us these lovely and functional bent-handled spoons  from Holland.  They were a good fit for serving these spicy crab cake appetizers last weekend.  Each time I use these spoons, I think of them and smile, because from the day I met J & J (20 years ago), being around them has felt like “home.”

I used this small scoop to shape my crab to fit perfectly into these spoons.

I used this small scoop to shape my crab mixture to fit perfectly onto these spoons

While I served these little cakes with champagne for guests prior to dinner…today I had the few leftovers at tea time with a light oolong tea.  Spicy foods pair well with green teas.  Next time you enjoy Asian foods at your favorite Asian restaurant, take note of the teas they serve…usually oolongs or light green teas.  These teas pair well with dishes with heat from chilies and other spicy flavors.

Shellfish goes really well with oolong and green teas…smoked salmon, shrimp, and lobster flavors are enhanced with the clean, simple, pure taste of these teas also.

One of the beautiful things about having so many choices in types of teas and tea infusions is that you can always find one that enhances your dish…some combinations just take a food bite to another level.  Taste teas with food…enjoy tea…drink tea.  It’s good for you!


  1. Num!

    • Almost as good as Janie’s 🙂

  2. What delightfully distorted spoons, your little crab bites look lovely in them. Good point about spicy foods and green tea. This might not be the case in a really good Asian restaurant, but my worry about ordering green tea out is that the person serving it doesn’t know how to make it. I’ve had some seriously over-brewed green tea in the past, which has put me off ordering it now. Mind you, you can get badly prepared tea with any variety of the stuff. I had a pot of black tea recently (in a tearoom, no less) that was almost undrinkable, and I think it was due to a) the water having been kept hot for too long in an urn, giving it a flat metallic taste, and b) the water possibly not actually being at boiling point when poured onto the tea. I always marvel at how tea making can go so badly wrong, it’s really not that complicated.

  3. Yes, I love those little spoons and often work to find an item that will fit on them so I can use them.
    Also, you hit on a topic I am passionate about and which drove me to write my book…that is not being able to get a decent cup of tea outside my own home. It has gotten significantly better these past few years, but I can completely sympathize with you about getting pathetic, flat, or metallic tasting tea in restaurants…they either don’t bring the water to a proper temp…or they have boiled the heck out of it leaving it flat tasting or they don’t use filtered water and it tastes of chlorine…I can go on and on on this subject…however, we have some really great Asian food restaurants near us (as California does have the largest Asian population outside of Asia…most serve wonderful tea…lucky me in this case. As always, thanks for your comments Lorna.