Take A Moment…

Over the past few years, the first couple weeks of April have become the busiest time of year in our household.  Aside from the regular stuff of life; albeit enjoyable and ultimately rewarding activities, time-consuming and physically demanding things; such as, spring garden planting, readying for garden tours, family Easter at our house,  our grandson’s birthdays, and working on tea events conducive to this season seem to bunch up into a two-week period, creating a time crunch in my usually languid schedule.  So…before I share details and photos journals of all this exciting stuff (including the best looking giant birthday cake we’ve made yet :-)), take a moment...as I just did before starting to edit photos.  I looked up and saw this beautiful artwork which my sister-in-law generously and thoughtfully created and gave to me as a gift at Easter.

Stylized photo ...a gift from my sister-in-law...beautiful, a beautiful thought, and one of my favorite books too (note the book spine).

Take A Moment Photo …a gift from my sister-in-law…beautiful, a beautiful thought, and the cup is sitting on one of my favorite books too (note the book spine Jane Austen fans).  The photo depicts tea pot and cups which are family heirlooms…


One of the primary facets I just love about tea, and the concept of tea time, and the art and practice of preparing tea are the moments of reflection inspired by the actual time it takes to steep it. It forces you to take a breath while watching the leaves exude their liquor.  Glancing at this photo stopped me for a moment… forced me to take a breath and relax before charging on…for, as most of us know, that is what life is all about, breathing in and breathing out. Sometimes I need a reminder about that  🙂

So, take a moment…and drink tea…it’s good for you!  Enjoy



  1. So where’s the cake?

    • Photos coming soon 🙂