Aging and Eating….Whatever Your Age May Be

For the past few years I’ve struggled with managing my diet in an effort to keep my borderline type 2 Diabetes “borderline”… and after ten years, “borderline” went to actual “diabetes”.  It is a progressive disease.  I now know what that means.  After slinking into myself for several weeks – contemplating how to deal with this diagnosis, along with newly prescribed medicines, I’ve come out with a wider perspective on what to do, how to do it, and still and alwayscompletely enjoy my meals, because as some of you know, every morning I wake up just thrilled and excited about the prospects of “what to eat” and pair that with my favorite teas.

At 30 years old I went through something similar to this drama about “what to eat” when I first remember “ever” putting on weight. At a checkup, I actually asked my doctor, “what is all this stuff around my middle area?”  I was serious, she laughed and said, “That’s fat!  Quit eating so much.  You’re 30 now, your body is changing.  You can’t eat the way you did in your teens and 20’s.”

And, I ask you, “Is this happening in your house?” Christmas dinner was at our home. The menu needed to have the following options: gluten free, soy free, low sodium, low carb, vegetarian and carnivore dishes while being delicious, traditional, and cohesive…whew!!!  With a little thought, we did it.

I have concluded the once “niche” diet is actually the “mainstream” diet today.

Thank goodness for tea!  Always a great fit with an enormous variety of options for varied tastes… and here’s the deal with tea… it’s gluten free, vegetarian (vegan), no carb, no sodium, soy free, and can be paired with any type of food you desire…I say… awwwwwwesome 🙂

Eat . Be . Tea is taking a little different road going forward…focused onto  “a new way to eat”… Answering the question “What to eat?” and still feel good after consuming – with the caveat that we continue to just LOVE our meals and not just “settle” for some calories that are supposedly “good for us!”  It will be interesting, enlightening, and fun…and pertinent to each of us at any stage in our lives…if I had known all this at 30, I might not have two to three sizes of clothes in my closet today 🙂

You will see my favorite finds over the next several weeks … (I would have started sooner, but have had a multi-week glitch with my technology…now corrected we think,,yay)… I’m back!  And with a vengeance towards eating deliciously and well…my numbers are totally under control after 26 weeks of figuring out what works for me (and I now have to buy new clothes…a lower size)…all the way…there was always always tea.!!!!

See you soon…with foods and recipes to meet your needs today.




  1. As you say, thank goodness for tea. It’s a bright spot in every day, and I hope it will continue to inspire you in your new cooking regime. Tea goes with everything and the variety of teas available means there are always new pairings to be made. I raise my teacup to you – here’s to tea, good health and happiness!

  2. I am sorry to hear of your technology glitch and particularly sorry to hear about your health situation. It soundshowever, like you have great attitude and that you have things under control That is good news, and the tea certainly helps. I hope that 2016 treats you well, and that you have your best year ever.

    • Thank you so much for your positive and optimistic comment. Just was looking at your blog and had to smile, as my next post was going to be about how lovely celery root is in a pureed soup…then I read your post and realized you have express it beautifully and your photos are gorgeous…I will share your site with my followers as it is beautiful…and I am an Italian who loves everything Italian too!!!! Thanks for your comment … Linda @ Eatbetea